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An Interview With Matt Green | Myprotein Ambassador

An Interview With Matt Green | Myprotein Ambassador

Matt Green is an important member of the Myprotein Ambassador Team and Myprotein Writer Brian Kudler had the pleasure of interviewing him. Matt worked as an aid to the legend that is Arnold Schwarzenegger. That is a story worth hearing about! Here’s your chance to find out all about him!

 1. Matt, you are a published fitness model, a former aide to the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was Governor of California, and a Myprotein Ambassador. Before we dive into that, it would be fantastic just to hear about yourself and how your life has played out thus far.

Sure Brian, happy to share with y’all about myself. I was born in California and raised in Yokohama, Japan for several years before returning back to the states and living in Maui for a year before making our way to Texas where I was raised. Growing up in Texas was a challenge at times, I was an outdoors type of kid, but was smaller, loved hunting (bird hunting) fishing and went camping most weekends.

In high school I was 5’10” 125 to 130 lbs. In Texas football rules and if you did not play, you were a nothing. So growing up with lots of name calling and not being one of the bigger kids and a “jocks” you start to develop some self-esteem issues. So I became an over achiever. Growing up, I was heavily involved in Boy Scouts and became an Eagle Scout where I also worked at the summer camp running business operations.  I graduated top 10 percent in my class and spoke at my high school graduation.

I attended Baylor University where I raised our live mascots, two North America black bears, served as a Student Court Justice and graduated with a 4.0 and a Bachelor in Business Administration. I was pre-med for a while but decided on a degree in business. I still miss my time with my two girls, Joy & Lady (I got them both at a few months old and maybe 10 pounds).

I am still a big outdoors enthusiast. I love nature photography and before getting hardcore into fitness, I used to help guide trips to Alaska and Japan. I also am a big history buff. Even before working at the White House for the President I was a huge presidential history fan and loved the revolutionary war period along with the British monarchy.

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 2. You mentioned that when beginning your fitness journey, the specific goals in mind that you had were to get published in a magazine and become sponsored by a supplement company. (Spoiler alert, Matt has accomplished both). How did your fitness journey begin and what pushed you into this lifestyle?

Thanks Brain ! In my interview with Muscle & Fitness I shared that. I am a serious goal oriented person and always have been. It was just fine tuned thanks to Arnold. I will go into that more later. When I came on board to work for Governor Schwarzenegger I was 6’ 135 to 140 lbs. I was a very lean smaller framed guy. I had never gone to a gym. When I would travel with Arnold I would see how he touched the lives of so many and how he inspired an entire industry; from fitness novices to physique and bodybuilder competitors. When he worked a rope line there was always a guy that would take off his shirt and/or start flexing, seeking the advice of Arnold. It was so interesting to me, not having a background in fitness.

I wanted to transform into the man I saw inside, I was tired of carrying around all the years of negative body shaming and name calling. I felt I was not representing that on the outside. I was intimidated to go to the gym and one of the teammates that I helped hire was big into fitness and I started to go to the gym with him. Then later would go to a 24 Hour Fitness close to my house and I would train at night so no one would see me. It was there that I walked out of the gym and told myself I will be in Muscle & Fitness and be a sponsored athlete.

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 3. Not that many people can claim to have been an aide to Arnold Schwarzenegger, so it is a MUST that we talk about this. It would be a pleasure hearing about what it was like working with him and how that has influenced your life. Please share as much as you can!

Well as you can imagine, I get asked this a lot and I’m happy to share. The “Gov” or “Governor” as I called him is an amazing man. I was asked to come work for him. I was working at the time at the White House for the President of the United States. I had just finished up the inauguration and was in charge of the “official proceedings”. Everything you say on the platform that officially was done I over saw with the first family. From selecting the singers to the Bible used to the Marine band song selections to where people sat. I had spent 5 years on the road with POTUS and VPOTUS (President of the United States and Vice President of the Unites States).

The Governor’s office called me as they heard of my work and wanted me to do what I did for POTUS for the Governor. Long story short I moved to California and spent the next 3 years everyday with the man. Arnold and I have become friends and I am glad to call him a friend to this day.

I learned so much from him and most of it was not fitness related. This is a man that showed up to America with $100 in his pocket and built a billion-dollar industry. Most do not know this, but he is one of the largest land owners in America and invests his money in real estate. Arnold taught me and continues to teach me about marketing and branding and the keys to being successful. But the most important thing that Arnold helped reinstall in me is “Whatever you put your mind to you can achieve!” The mind is the most powerful tool in the human body and with the right steps and planning in place you can accomplish whatever you set your mind too!

But we are still friends to this day and it was great to have lunch with him a few months ago and show him the 2-page spread Muscle & Fitness did on me and my transformation with Arnold. Needless to say, he loved it and was proud of me. Life came full circle at that moment and that meant a lot.

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 4. How do you set realistic goals and stay motivated to live them out? Also, what does the future look like for you and are there any more goals you are working towards? 

Transformations are marathons, not sprints. So I encourage you to set small goals along the way to help keep you on track and to see results and help get you excited to keep going. Accountability is huge! Sure my before and after pictures are very drastic, but I still have goals and things I want to work towards. I am still on my journey. I focus on the next few months and set a goal, like be ready for a shoot or work on a publication opportunity. Or others may want to fit into a dress they used to wear when they first started dating their now husband and want to wear it for their 30th wedding anniversary. My point is set your own goals that you can achieve and see the results to keep the fire going towards the long-term goal.

What does the immediate future have for me? Well I hope to get to the UK in the next few months for a shoot with Myprotein and to meet the corporate HQ teams. I look forward to that. I also have a few shoots in February.

 5. What does your training routine and style look like? Do you have any nutrition guidelines that you follow?

I have a few training routines and like to change it up often. For one, not get bored, but also to confuse my body a little. I do not lift crazy heavy, not a fan of it in all honestly. I feel it has a place and do lift heavy sometimes. But I am not 24 anymore and want look fit and healthy for many more years and not have an injured back, more than it already is, and to be able to walk when I am 50.

I do a lot more of hypertrophic style training, really volume style training. I find that works better for my body and muscle fibers. As I get closer to a shoot or an event then I change my style to more circuit workouts but still weight training. I shared that recently on a post on Instagram. I do 2 exercises per body part, 20 reps, 3 sets and rest 30 seconds each set. It’s awesome!!

My nutrition and workout plan change depending on my goals that I want to achieve. But I consume around 4000 calories a day. Mostly lean protein and complex carbohydrates. I also usually train one body part with some an auxiliary muscle each day.

Some of my favorite and go to MyProtein Supplements are:

Every Morning: Alpha Men Mulit-Vitamin, 2000 mg of Fish Oil, Joint Formula and Vitamin D3. I drink it down with Hard Gainer Extreme.

Pre-Workout: MYPRE, AAKG (1 scoop), Creapure® , and T-Matrix

Intra Workout: MYAMINO COMPLEX™ with 1 scoop of Waxy Maize

Post Workout: Hard Gainer Extreme, Creapure

I love to snack on some beef jerky and protein brownies, the wafers are amazing but have not come to the United States yet, I can’t wait.

myprotein ambassador interview

 6. You accomplished your goal of being sponsored by a nutrition company. It must have been an incredible feeling signing the contract to become an ambassador. Why Myprotein? What is it like being affiliated with this incredible company?

It was quite a day to check off one of your major life goals, 8 years in the making. I was selective of who I chose. I had a few offers throughout the years and I was very excited to be asked by Myprotein to be one of their global Ambassadors.

I chose MyProtein for a number of reasons. They are a leader in the field, the largest online sports nutrition brand in the world and the #1 supplement company in the UK and Europe just to start.

I love the R&D that goes into each product, they are scientifically backed and use tested high quality ingredients and compounds that make up the massive product line up. As the products increase in the United States, I am still getting my head around all the amazing products and how I can help others achieve their goals with a custom product plan for them.

But what I really appreciate is the support and one-on-one relationship I have. I am a part of a team that helps motivate me every day. I look forward to my trip to the UK to meet everyone and get a great shoot in. I am excited for the future with some big things I hear coming for the States. So I feel honored and blessed to be a part of a team that has a mission that is inline with what my focus and fitness goals are.

Following Matt

Matt frequently features on the @myproteinus Instagram account! You can also follow Matt on his personal Instagram account @mattgreenfitness 


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