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How To Train For Muscular Endurance and Strength

How To Train For Muscular Endurance and Strength

Muscular endurance is a topic that has recently come about with those wanting to achieve muscular, strength and performance gains all in one week’s worth of working out. Usually your would follow a typical periodization of weight training for a few weeks, followed by maybe some endurance work like running and rowing for a few weeks to let your muscles recoup and be able to come back stronger than before. Many have latched on to the idea of training like this through the all-encompassing Crossfit. Follow this sample workout to get your heart pumping as well as improving size, strength and explosiveness- something everyone interested in health and fitness desires.

Exercise #1: BB Flat Bench Press/Kipping Pull-Ups

The king of all upper body movements is the almighty flat barbell bench press. Keep the reps low on this to really hit the strength aspect of this lift and then hop right into kipping pull-ups. This exercise might be new to you and how we’ll perform this will be timed, not by reps. Keep your form tight first and foremost on both the antagonistic movements for chest and back and you’ll be feeling a massive pump as well as out of breath pretty quick too.

muscular endurance

  • Start by loading the bar with about 70% of your 1-rep max and perform right around 5-7 reps with a medium grip
  • Go straight into kipping pull-ups by using your hips and legs to bring your chest/chin up to the bar and back down
  • This should be one continuous motion after the next and form should not be broken if at all possible

Sets and Reps: 5 x 5 Bench Press/ 3 sets of 1-minute continuous kipping pull-ups

Exercise #2: Hang Cleans/Kettle Bell Swings

After your chest feels like it’s going to explode and your hands are aching from all those pull-ups, it’s time to move on to some cleaning movements. After all, this workout is based on strength- whether it be through low rep movements or endurance strength. After completing your set of cleans, hop straight into a couple minute’s worth of kettle bell swings. These will help with explosiveness but also improve that muscular endurance that is so hard to achieve without just running miles on end. These quite frankly will absolutely have you feeling gassed – just push through it.

muscular endurance

  • Start by getting your hang clean set up to perform 2-3 reps (around 80% of your 1-rep max)
  • Keep the form tight on these and avoid using too much lower back involvement
  • Move directly onto the kettle bell swings, leading with the hips on every rep
  • Since you’ll be performing 2 minutes worth of these, pick a weight accordingly

Sets and Reps: 8 x 2-3 hang cleans/ 4 x 2 minutes worth of kettle bell swings

Exercise #3: 100 push-ups/100 pull-ups/100 sit ups/Run 1 mile

This last set of exercises sounds daunting and it’s because it is. This is one tough finisher but have in the back of your mind there’s just one set and then you’re done. It’s all body weight movements along with just about a 7-9 minute run at the end (make sure to push yourself to get under 10 minutes).

  • Start out this endurance finisher by cranking out 100 push-ups as quickly as possible and resting as little as possible (hand placement does not matter)
  • Then move on to do your pull-ups and follow in the same fashion as the push-ups (you may switch up your grips and go underhand and overhand throughout the 100 reps)
  • Hop right onto the ground and have a partner hold your feet as you smoke through100 easy sit-ups as fast as your can.
  • Then get up and be sure to pace yourself but still push it and complete a 1 mile run to finish with

Take-Home Message

Knowing you know have a brutal endurance and strength developing workout on hand, what are you waiting for?! Get out this weekend and smoke this workout and even try to incorporate as much as possible outside! Get strong, get shredded and get heart healthy with this workout!

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