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New Year, New Me? How To Stick To New Year Resolutions

New Year, New Me? How To Stick To New Year Resolutions

With the new year now into effect everyone is now beginning with their New Years resolution goals. This article discusses how someone who has taken an approach towards new fitness goals this year can help make simple and more effective changes to his/her routine in order to maximize results, while still maintaining proper training and diet.

Now don’t be scared about the added weight you might have gained, for this is not as large of an issue as it may seem. Most weight you might have increased will mostly be due entirely to glycogen and water increase. Decreasing calories greatly or increasing cardio amounts will not play a large enough role in changing this body status. Since roughly 99% of all goals that relate to a physical change in the body’s appearance or health is almost entirely a mental challenge, I am going to discuss a few ways someone who is wanting to make changes to his/her physical appearance can take to achieve such goals while easily being able to stay on track and not stray from a proper diet or workout routine.

how to stick to new year resolutions

Since most New Years resolutions end up in failure in a matter of weeks, and sometimes a short matter of days, I am going to discuss with you a few methods I have discovered that have helped me stay on track each year when I have made new goals to myself and my body.

Write Down Your Goal

The very first thing I recommend to anyone – whether you are trying to pack on a few pounds of lean muscle tissue or simply to lose the few pounds of fat we might have gained from overeating during the holidays – is to write down your current goal and take a picture of yourself as both a mental and photo copy image to refer back to at a later point in time.

Write Down Your Weight

Next, write down your body weight after weighing yourself very first thing in the morning before consuming anything. This is the best way for anyone to figure out exactly what their body weight is and help give them an idea of what will be a reasonable target weight to achieve.

If you are trying to lose fat, for instance, I recommend losing no more than 1-2lbs of body fat per week. This is very easy to achieve, and usually any loss greater than 2lbs will be due to loss in water weight and not fat tissue. If you notice your scale has decreased a few pounds overnight or a few pounds by the end of the week, this is fine. This will be from losing the water weight your body has retained. I state this because water weight lost will return again later, so do not become disappointed when you step on the scale at a later point and notice your weight has increased to a previous level.

how to stick to new year resolutions 2

Create A Diet Plan

The next step I advise to anyone is to create a proper and healthy diet plan that is written down on paper. I tend to write down 2 copies of my diet plan: 1 to stick on my fridge at home, and 1 to stick on my wall at work. By seeing my daily diet plan written down on paper anytime I go to open my fridge or leave my work to eat lunch, it helps remind me of the issue that I am on a diet for a specific goal and it helps prevent me from straying from my diet and to avoid eating unhealthy or unnecessary foods, such as fast food products or other foods within distance.

Since the hardest part of dieting is sticking to a diet, writing down your daily diet plan and having it visible during times of meals will help you be reminded of your goals and help keep you on track during this period of time. If writing down your goals and diet plan on paper is too difficult or might not be able to be seen by you on a daily basis for any issue, create reminders in your phone to go off at certain times of the day, such as lunch time or break times at work, to help keep you on track and avoid straying.

Never Do It Alone

The last piece of advice I have to offer is to never enter into a challenge that can change his/her body alone. If possible, try and find a partner to workout with and diet with who has similar goals and ideas as you do. By finding someone who wants to lose weight along with yourself, you find motivation by challenging one another along the way.

how to stick to new year resolutions

Although no one wants to be rude and challenge someone else, approaching a diet or workout related goal in this form is the absolute best way to ensure positive results for both you and your partner, while being able to maintain a positive attitude during the entire prep or course.

If you are married, engaged, or in a relationship with a significant other, try using workouts of any kind as a form of a date or bonding activity. This is also a great way for couples to reach a shared goal while maintaining a positive balance in their relationship as well.

Take-Home Message

These are just a few short and simple methods of advise I like to give people each year when they ask me how to make a proper New Years resolution regarding anything in the fitness industry and becoming healthier. Hope this helps and get started on yourself today.

Logan Berman

Logan Berman

Writer and expert

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