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How To Get Shredded | Getting A 6 Pack

How To Get Shredded | Getting A 6 Pack

Getting shredded is easier said than done, but it is by no means impossible! It takes hard work, commitment and a clear understanding of what you need to do. In this article we’ll be looking at what you need to do to tone up and get shredded. If you start now you’ll have your body ready for Spring Break! Here’s 3 key tips!

Top Tips To Get Shredded

#1 Train Hard 

There’s no easy route to getting shredded. You’re going to have to train and you’re going to have to train hard. But most importantly you’re going to have to know how you need to train.

The secret to getting toned is to build lean muscle and burn fat. The best way to do this is to increase the number of reps you do, shorten your rest time and include plenty of super sets and drop sets to keep yourself working hard for an extended period of time.

You should be looking to perform 5 sets of 12 reps for most exercises. The best way to burn fat and build lean muscle is to complete 12 reps then to drop the weight by about half and complete another 12 reps of that exercise immediately.

Super sets are another great way. So this could mean performing 12 reps of dumbbell chest press and then going straight into another set of dumbbell fly’s for 12 reps.

Drops sets and super sets are a great way to main intensity throughout your workout, build lean muscle and burn fat. Your rest times should be between 60-90 seconds. Remember that it doesn’t matter how long you’re in the gym for. What matters is what you’re doing whilst you’re there. 1 hour of high intensity training is far better than 2 hours with long breaks between sets.

how to get shredded

#2 Eat Right 

Nutrition is vital. It really is so important to make sure that you’re eating the right foods. It doesn’t matter how hard and committed you’re to your training. If you don’t eat the right foods in the right quantity then you will not achieve your training goals. It really is as simple as that.

The right macronutrients will vary per person as everyone is different, but here is simple breakdown of what you should be eating to put on lean muscle.

How Much Protein?

You should be looking to consume around 1 g to 1.4 g of protein per pound of bodyweight for men and 0.5 g to 0.7 g for women to encourage the growth of lean muscle mass.

This means if you’re a 180 lb male then you should be consuming between 180 g t0 252 g of protein per day.

Protein should make up between 35-40% of your macronutrient total on a daily basis. You should be able to easily consume enough protein through your diet and by using protein enhanced supplements such as whey protein.

If you’re just starting out and you’re not sure which protein is best for you then Whey Protein Isolate is a great way to encourage the building of lean muscle mass. With a protein content of 90% and low fat and low carbohydrate content, it is the perfect post workout shake to contribute to the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass.

how to get shredded

How Many Carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are the body’s main energy source. You should be looking to consume around 1.6 g to 1.8 g per pound of bodyweight. So for an 180 lb male, this equates to between 288 g and 324 g of carbohydrates per day.

It is important to also think about where you’re getting your carbohydrates from. It is much better for you to eat complex carbohydrates. So this means ditching white bread for wholemeal, white rice for brown rice, white potato for sweet potato and white pasta for whole wheat. Making these easy substitutions will help you achieve your goals, and there really isn’t much difference in cost these days.

How Much Fat?

Fat is still an important macronutritent, and you should be consuming it even if your goal is to lose fat. If we take the example of our 180 lb male again, then the aim should be to consume 40 g of fat. This means that 20% of your daily intake should be made up of fats.

Again there are smart choices you can make on the sort of fats you’re consuming. For example, peanut butter and avocados are far better sources of fats then a bag of chips.

But it is important to think twice about a term that is thrown around in the fitness industry at the moment – ‘healthy fats’. It is important to remember that every 1 g of fat equates to 9 calories. Compare this to 1 g of protein and 1 g of carbohydrates, which both contain 4 calories per gram, and it is obvious that fat contains far more calories.

So even though some fats are described as ‘healthy’ remember to still consume them in moderation.

how to get shredded

#3 Cardio Has Its Benefits

Cardio is a great way to burn fat. The best way to burn fat is to perform fasted cardio. This means as soon as you wake up performing cardio before eating. This works your body harder and draws on fat to provide energy as you haven’t eaten anything to provide an energy source.

Note: Performing fasted cardio can lead to a breakdown in muscle mass, so it is important to consume BCAAs before your cardio session to protect yourself from the breakdown of muscle mass and make sure that’s your burning fat not your hard earned muscle.

This of course doesn’t mean that the morning before eating is the only time you should perform cardio, it can easily be added onto the end of your workout. The important thing to remember is that performing lots and lots of cardio is not ideal for muscle growth, but performing two 20 minutes HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions a week can seriously help you burn fat, helping to reveal your hard earned muscle and make you look toned.

how to get shredded

Take Home Message

Sticking to these 3 tips will help you to tone up and get shredded. The important thing to remember is that no one thing will lead to you getting shredded. There are a number of variables and every single one must be in sync to make sure you can achieve your end goal.

Train hard, eat right and get shredded.

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