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How To Become A Bikini Competitor

How To Become A Bikini Competitor

Once bitten by the workout bug, it seems your life begins to gravitate towards everything fitness. Getting involved with the fitness world can get confusing with the huge amount of opportunities and areas that are presented within in. With this, many people need to understand why they want to get involved, such as for personal reasons, careers reasons, or just simply fun reasons.

Everyone is trying to find their niche in this industry, and one niche that is becoming popular is performing in physique competitions where individuals can showcase their body and battle it out amongst other competitors. One women’s division that is becoming well-known in the sport is the bikini competition. In this article, we will break down everything you need to know to become a bikini competitor.

Which Organization?

A very important aspect that needs to be recognized when choosing to compete in a bikini competition is knowing which organization you want to be a part of. Knowing and researching each of the organizations is crucial for you knowing which you can qualify for, how to prepare for it, and if it is something you agree with. Each has their own rules and restrictions which you need to knoew of because nobody wants to sign-up and get ready for a competition then to find out they cannot qualify. Here are a few popular organizations:

  • National Physique Committee (NPC)
  • World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF)
  • International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) [/su_list]

Reasons to Compete

Not everyone has reasons on why they want to enter a bikini competition. Thinking hard and knowing your reason why can definitely aid in the outcome of your competition. Presented below are valid reasons on why you should compete.

Break into the Fitness Industry

A lot of individuals everywhere around the world are trying their hardest to break into the world of fitness. Many think just because they have an aesthetic build, someone will just see them on the side of the road and offer them a huge sponsorship. Although having a flawless or spectacular physique is normally required, competing can have a huge impact on you making it into the industry. Competing helps you meet people and get your name out into the industry which will help you make connections and understand what the industry trends are.

Improve Habits

There are many people out there that need ways to improve their motivation for the improving their fitness habits. Establishing to compete can help you find desire to keep you on track with dieting and working out. Knowing there is an end result that you are working toward definitely can aid you to keep up your lifestyle. Entering a competition lets you set up a goal and feel the need to accomplish it, which is one thing that many need to get a job done.


Being in front of people who are giving you attention and you knowing you worked hard to get on stage is a great reason to compete. You put the work in and have accomplished your mission, thus is should feel very rewarding and spectacular when the moment arrives.

Competition Runs in Your Blood

Some people feel destined to compete and love the feeling that arrives from it. If sports are not your thing and maybe you are too embarrassed to enter into a chess tournament, a bikini competition could be for you to help you with your competitive edge.

bikini competitor

Diet and Training

It is important to know your body and know what it is you need to do to be able to get down to a stage ready appearance. Do not go into preparing with no idea with what you are doing, but rather, make knowledgeable decisions based on personal experience and research. If you do not know your body, it is very important to do research on how to prepare and how you should have your regimen and training plan laid out. Hiring a couch can be very beneficial and rewarding. Look for couches who are experienced and who have either competed or have had clients who had competed. Hiring a couch will not only help you look better for your competition, but rather help you understand your body better for the future.


When competing in the bikini division, it is standard for women to wear a bikini as well as jewelry, bracelets and heels. Understand your body and know what types of accessories and colors look best on you. Ask others for advice, because sometimes what we think looks best is not always true. See what other established competitors where to standout and how they make themselves look good on stage. Everyone has their own style and colors, so see what works for you. Also, a tan will be necessary before stepping on stage. Either getting a spray tan or wipe on tan, find a reliable company that will give you the best look for your money.


Learn how to pose and know what poses are expected of you. Watch YouTube videos or take a posing class. What is important here is to practice, practice, practice! Do this in front of a mirror to know how to hit what angles. Everyone has their own body structure, so knowing how your body moves and works will help you determine your strengths and weaknesses. Once your posing gets better, do not rely on a mirror but rather other individuals to judge you. When you are on stage, there will be no mirror there, so do not gain reliance on once!


Do your research and watch bikini competitions. Know how they are judged, how individuals normally win in that organization, and what the winners normally have in common with each other. You want to step on stage knowing exactly how things will be played out to help relieve stress and let you enjoy the fun of just being on stage.

Take-Home Message

Becoming a bikini competitor can be a rewarding and an entertaining means to get more involved in the fitness world. Do research and see where there are competitions near you. It is very important to give it time before competing so you know you will be at your best when it is your time to step on stage. And when that time comes, it will sure feel good that you know you put the work in.

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