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How Often Should I Squat?

How Often Should I Squat?

By Kevin Dickson

US Myprotein Writer

In order to find your ideal frequency for performing squats you must first crank up the frequency. I would personally recommend squatting every day for a month to test this out. Sounds a little crazy I know but I don’t mean crazy volume training, mostly working up to heavy singles or triples and keeping it conjugate by changing the type of squat every day.

An example of this could be may look like this:

? Monday – Back Squat Pause no belt

? Tuesday – Front Squat with belt

? Wednesday – Front Squat Pause no belt

? Thursday – Back squat with belt

? Friday – Back squat triple beltless

? Saturday – Back Squat 10 second pause

? Sunday – Front squat 5 x 2 with 50% of max

proper squatting form

Reaping The Rewards Of Squatting

With this sort of set up for a couple of weeks you can slowly start to assess how your body handles this overload. If you feel good maybe try keeping it going, before you think of an excuse as to why you can’t or shouldn’t. I squatted around 470 days in a row, I stopped it because I feel my ideal frequency based on my goals is around 3-4 days a week. So try it and if you feel too beat up then maybe add another easy day in there or take one day a week out then maybe two days and split up the rest days.

Not only will squatting more frequently each week improve your strength it will also do wonders for your mobility and technique. Just remember practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.

To find your ideal frequency you need to know your body. There’s always a risk of talking yourself out of squatting everyday, but once you miss one session, more start to fall. So take a risk and up your frequency so you can slowly find the ideal number of times a week for you. People needing to work on form may benefit from everyday where others may need longer to recover but the only way to find out is to push yourself.

how often should i squat

Proper Squatting Form

A key component of this is to have correct form. Increasing your squat frequency to this level with improper form could be dangerous. You want your feel slightly wider than shoulder width, toes pointed slightly outward and the bar resting on your upper traps.

Before the descend take a breath and hold the air in your upper torso keeping your back engaged and core tight. Descend slow and controlled to slightly below parallel, make sure your knees don’t go over your toes -sit back into it. Then drive through the floor and accelerate up out of the hole, let air out on the way back up and reset with another breath.

Common pitfalls

? Lack of mobility – this makes the range of motion in the squat is limited.

? Heels rising up – this increases the force being applied through the toes on the acceleration up which ends with a forward lean and a more pronounced back extension of the weight which under heavy loads can cause injury.

Take Home Message

Squatting is an art form and requires lots of work. In order to know how often you should squat a week it’s best to squat for the whole week and over time you will find your ideal frequency. Start out with weight you can handle with good form, I recommend videoing your top sets to see weaknesses to work on. Then get to work upping your frequency so you can start reaping the benefits of the squat in their entirety.

Good luck!


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Kevin Dickson

Kevin Dickson

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