This Kit Will Make Home Workouts So Easy | All For Under $50

Not looking to spend on a gym membership? We don’t blame you. But us being us, we have to hold you accountable to living a fit lifestyle and keep you training.

If trips to the gym aren’t in the cards, no worries — we’ve got an easy answer for how to keep you exercising from home in a way that’s cost and time effective. If you’re lacking at-home equipment and running low on your supplement stack, these three essentials will make home workouts that much easier.

A Home Workout Kit That’s Affordable and Easy to Use

By utilizing our Whey and Shaker Bundle in combination with our Resistance Bands, you can perform high intensity exercises from the comfort of your home and get the post-workout fuel your body needs to achieve your fitness goals — all for under $50. Don’t believe us? Watch our team get creative below.

Resistance Bands | User-Friendly and Effective

Easily added to any exercise, resistance bands can be used to increase the difficulty of your home workout as well as provide you with new ways of training minus bulky equipment clutter.

Our Resistance Bands come with 2 pairs per pack and offer 50-120 lb resistance. Modify a familiar workout or get creative with something new with our custom resistance bands available below.

Whey and Shaker Stack | Our Bare Essentials For Less

This bundle combines premium quality with affordability. Protein packed with 18g per serving, the Impact Whey Protein in this stack is available in 3 flavors — Chocolate Brownie, Vanilla, and Birthday Cake.

Shake up your flavor of choice in our 100% stainless steel Pro Metal Shaker to maintain muscle mass in a way that tastes great.

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Ian Roden

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