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Get Low | Hip Hop Workout Playlist

Get Low | Hip Hop Workout Playlist

Listening to music while you workout isn’t a new-found trend, though understanding how your favorite songs enhance your exercise is a deeper concept!

What can music do for you while exercising?

Music occupies your mind, distracting your thoughts away from how tired you’re getting, the pain you feel while running in the cold, or that imaginary voice telling you to stop and take a break. Music can be a great boost for beginner to professional athletes – studies show that listening to music while working out can benefit athletic performance up to 15%. Who knew you could push yourself just a little bit further simply by playing the right soundtrack?

The rhythm of music stimulates your brain’s motor area, telling your body when to move. This helps during an aerobic dance class, weightlifting reps, and pacing steps on the treadmill. Honing in on these timing signals helps you use your energy more efficiently for a longer workout.

hip hop workout playlist

Finally, listening to music during a workout is an escape from reality. It allows you to tune out whatever is going on in your life, and focus on your body for that allotted amount of time.

You’ll want to categorize your songs in an order that correlates with the most intense parts of your workout, and be sure you have enough songs to last the entire sweat session! This hip hop playlist should get keep you moving at a steady, regular speed, for anything up to an hour and a half of training. Time to get low!




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