High Intensity Bodyweight Workouts | Routine To Follow At Home

High Intensity Bodyweight Workouts | Routine To Follow At Home

There are High Intensity bodyweight workouts which can be done anywhere. High Intensity Training works well because you concentrate on achieving set goals in a set amount of time, helping you to keep your workout on track and avoid distraction, such as checking your phone after every set you do.

Working towards a certain number of reps or time encourages you to push yourself hard to get the best results possible. This could be performing bicep curls for one set on a heavy weight, and then immediately dropping the weight for a second set, without a rest between the two sets.

In this article we will be discussing High Intensity Bodyweight Workouts, which you can do at home. These are perfect for when you can’t make it to the gym, or don’t want to pay the money for a gym membership.

high intensity bodyweight workout

Bodyweight Workouts

In the introduction I mentioned drop set bicep dumbbell curls. When at home you may not have access to this kind of equipment so here is an example routine for an upper body, bodyweight workouts:

✓ Normal Grip Press

✓ Wide Grip Press Up

✓ Narrow Grip Press Up

With very minimal rest you should move from one press up to the alternative version. You must complete all 3 sets so be realistic with how many reps you perform on each. You want to be aiming for the same amount of reps on each press up variant, so this could be 6x6x6, or maybe 12x12x12 depending on your ability.

The same idea could be applied to abdominal work. For example:

✓ Crunches

Lying leg raise

Scissor Kicks

Here is an example of a leg workout:



Calf Raise

To maintain intensity track your time using a stopwatch, and try and complete the exercises within a certain time frame to keep your rest period to a minimum.

Take Home Message

If you’re low on time and need a quick bodyweight home workout then why not make it a high intensity workout. Increase the reward you get from your workout and see the results!


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