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Gym Music | Top 10 Relaxing Songs

Gym Music | Top 10 Relaxing Songs

By Joel Cummins

US Myprotein Writer

If you’re like me, then much of your life is impacted by music. It can have a huge influence on mood and motivation with different types of music being required for different scenarios. There are many instances in which listening to music is essential: long walks, during workouts, in the car, bike rides, and yoga or long cardio sessions.

Here are my top 10 relaxing tracks that cover several different genres to help you unwind and loosen up!

stretching relaxing music

Track #1: Weightless by Marconi Union

If you’re looking for a track that has no lyrics and has a consistent soothing tone, this is the track for you. It has lots of slow electric piano work and some marimba acoustics to help mix up the tones. Over an 8 minute period, Weightless progressively slows down its beat. This song is perfect for yoga in the outdoors or maybe even some nature walks

Track #2: Strawberry Swing by Coldplay

Coldplay releases another popular title with this track. It has slow progression with lots of alternating string sounds. Also, Chris Martin’s voice is so calming it might make anyone feel less tense. If you’re a fan of the alternative rock sound, give it a listen!

Track #3: Electra by Airstream

Electra is a very unique instrumental song with a blend of strings and slow progressive electric percussion sounds. It’s gaining recognition by all kinds of audiences seeking a new sound.

relaxing music

Track #4: Someone Like You by Adele

You’re probably not surprised an Adele track made this list. This song highlights her powerful and polished voice. Soul music and slow contemporary R&B music lovers will take a liking to this song.

Track #5: Marvin’s Room by Drake

Marvin’s Room is the perfect song for any person into lyrical rap and slow hip hop. Drake, as usual, mixes it up with rapping and singing in between the verses to produce a different sound when compared to normal rap songs.

Track #6: Tiny Dancer by Elton John

Throwing it back to the 1970s with this track! Tiny Dancer will be recognized by the older generation and swill be appreciated by most. Its symphonic rock sound is a tune that will put you in a good mood.

Track #7: Burleson, TX by Clem Leek

This track has a mixture of chimes and euphonious guitar strings being played. Clem Leek got the idea of this song from travelling through a little town called Burleson in the state of Texas. He finishes the song with the sound of a train because Burleson is known for its railroad system.

music to relax

Track #8: My Eyes by The Lumineers

The Lumineers bring a slow alternative sound with this track. It has great electric guitar strumming and vocals to help ease your mind. It’s good to listen to out on a walk or possibly during an extended cardio session.

Track #9: Time by Hans Zimmer

Time by Hans Zimmer is an orchestral sounding track that first made its debut in the movie Inception. Its powerful percussion and slow build of string instruments makes it a great listen!

Track #10: In The Darkness by Foxygen

Foxygen is an American indie rock duo that produces a great sound with this track. In The Darkness has a consistent percussion rhythm with a pleasing sound from the keys and vocals.

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Music is without doubt up there with the gym essentials. Getting a good music playlist sorted before your workout, whether it is a relaxing stretch off or heavy deadlift sesssion, can sometimes be the deal breaker.

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