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Gym Injuries | Acceptance & The Road To Recovery

Gym Injuries | Acceptance & The Road To Recovery

Let’s be hones being injured absolutely sucks. A main reason I’m even writing this article is because well, I’m injured at the moment, and I believe I can give you some tips and help you get better as well. If you’re like me, you love weightlifting and give it everything you’ve got, and you don’t know what you’d do without it.

Unfortunately, sometimes things do happen to your body, which result in injury and it’s not easy getting through it. Within this article, I’m going to outline some major tips to recovery and acceptance.

1. Listen To Your Body

When I first started experiencing pain in my right shoulder, I completely ignored it. It took me 3 months to finally stop because my AC Joint was screaming at me. If you’re experiencing pain while doing a certain movement, stop doing that movement immediately and treat it as an injury until the affected area heals. Pushing through the pain is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, and you may even be dealing out permanent damage to your joints. The takeaway? Listen to your body! You have the rest of your life to lift.



You’ve probably heard the saying “RICE” before if you’re a serious weightlifter. RICE stands for:





It’s known as being an effective method for treating injuries. If you’re experiencing pain, I would immediately start RICE until it gets better.

3. You’re Not A Doctor

Okay, so this main point may be a little hypocritical on my side, because I’ve been known to trying to treat my own injuries with my own little routines of physical therapy and such. If you’re in pain, give the injury some time to heal, and if you feel it’s necessary, go and see a doctor. Don’t just look up articles on the internet to try and fix your injury, go and see a medical professional if you feel it’s necessary.


injury prevention


4. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy may be expensive, but it’s absolutely fantastic for recovery and getting better. Physical therapy is great for strengthening your injured joints and muscles, and can help get you back in the game safely and as soon as possible.

5. Make Sure You’re Actually Better

This last point may be obvious but it’s also extremely crucial. I’ve learned my lesson from this one, and I don’t want you to make the same mistake. This is how it would go for me:

1. Take two weeks off

2. Feel a little better

3. Get back in the gym

4. Get hurt even more

It was a cycle of stupidity, and I completely regret it. Wait until your body is fully healed, and you’ll get back in the gym going full force before you know it.

The Most Important Part Of Being Injured: Acceptance

For me, the hardest part of being injured was accepting it. I know I’m going to have to push back my physique and strength goals for a while, but I also know I’m going to get back to it as soon as possible because it’s my passion in life and I absolutely love it.

A difficult part of acceptance when you have to stop working out due to injury is not looking as good. Your definition and mass will decrease if you stop training. This can lead to a lack of body confidence, especially when you’ve put in so much time, energy and commitment training for that body, which begins to disappear.

For me, I love looking good, and there’s no shame in that. It’s one of the main reasons most people work out. However, you have to remember that you’ve got the rest of your life to build up strength and crush your goals, so taking some necessary time off is okay. If you continue to train you could do long term damage and then you’ll never reach the goals you’d set yourself before being injured. If you are injured, accept it, be sensible and recover properly.



Take Home Message

Injuries suck and they aren’t easy to accept. Make sure you get plenty of rest and  see a doctor if things are serious. They will hopefully be able to help diagnose the problem and give you exercises to perform to help recovery. Also, it’s much easier to regain lost muscle than it is to build new muscle thanks to “Muscle Memory”, so don’t worry, your gains will come back relatively fast. Hopefully with these tips and reassurances you’ll be back in the gym in no time, and making those gains again. The most important thing is patience.

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