Gym Clothes For Women | What To Wear When Working Out

Gym Clothes For Women | What To Wear When Working Out

MyProtein offers a wide range of gym wear, athletic performance gear and clothing with different designs and a great variety of colors. You’ll be sure to feel and look stylish going to, working out in and coming back from the gym.  Below are a few favorites:

✓ Seamless Bra

Sports bras come in all different types of styles, with several levels of support.  MyProtein’s seamless bra offers seamless comfort, and support.  This bra allows for maximum comfort and flexible mobility throughout any style (or intensity) of training; yoga, HIIT, weight training.  Be prepared to stay dry during your workouts with the specialized sweat-wicking properties.  This sports bra can also be stylishly paired with one of MyProtein’s open racer back vests to show off its true potential design.

You should also try the Core Sports Bra, available in a great variety of colors and sizes!

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✓ Women’s Racer Back Vest

MyProtein’s women’s racer back vest is also a versatile athletic performance top. The racerback style provides maximal mobility and flexibility throughout your workouts.  For additional support during training, there is a built-in bra with adjustable shoulder straps for a more custom fit. This athletic top also has the sweat prevention technology with functional wicking material moisture transportation.


✓ Women’s Harem Yoga Pants

Designed for several styles of dance, pilates, and yoga. A different fit and style of bottoms, for a more relaxed feel.  These harem yoga pants are comfortable fitting trousers that provide maximal mobility throughout dance sessions, or flexibility training.  These pants are also cuffed at the bottom, around the ankles, for a fitted feel while providing the proper comfort for a full range of motion during stretching and mobility drills.

Key specs:

☐ Relaxed fit with tapered hem opening

☐ Soft elastic waistband for increased comfort

☐ Front pockets to stash your essentials


✓ Seamless Leggings

Leggings have to be the most common piece of clothing for women who actively exercise and go to the gym.  MyProtein takes care of; support, stretch, and style.  The overall design of these seamless leggings enables a full range of motion, while still providing the comfort and support all leggings should have throughout your training.  The unique, bold styles/patterns will brighten up your gym wardrobe, which will make them ideal for going to and coming back from the gym.  The best part is that MyProtein’s designs also include optimum compression that provide overall support to key muscles during workouts.

You should also try the Core Leggings – let’s be honest, you can never have too many pairs of leggings!

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Take Home Message

If you are in or out of the gym, MyProtein can provide you with the comfort and style you want, without any restrictions. Check out the rest of the Women’s Clothing range here!


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