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Growing Your Brachialis | How To Fill Out The Upper Arm Muscles

Often times people who are training a muscle group using weighted exercises in the gym believe that the current exercise routine they are performing is properly hitting every part of the intended muscle groups properly. Fact of the matter is that this is entirely false. In face, most people who lift weights in the gym on a regular basis do not accurately apply proper tension on the entire muscle they are working, and instead apply minor tension on a small area which results in less muscle growth.

What Is The Brachialis?

The human body consists of many different muscle groups layered upon one another which in the end cover our skeletal system. The muscles the we commonly see on the body surface when looking in our mirrors or at other people around us, are not all of the muscles in our body. In fact, often times most of the muscle tissues that can be visible on the surface (superficial muscles) are not always visible on every bodybuilder or athlete. The reason for this is because many people lack proper muscle development.

For instance, in our upper arms, many people focus this region with the Biceps and Triceps. It is these 2 muscle groups that many people strongly believe make up our upper arm. However, one major muscle group that many people often forget about or simply do not know about, is the the muscle that goes down from the lower part of your upper arm (bicep and triceps) to the upper part of your lower arm (forearm). This muscle also rests on the outside region of the arms, and when trained properly, adds a tremendous amount of size and thickness to your bicep.


Although this muscle often remains hidden in most people and many people do not even know it exists, your Brachialis is fairly easy to train for size and shape, which in turn will allow your upper arm to become larger and more defined.

How To Train The Brachialis

So how does one go about training this little unknown muscle that many people overlook. Its actually very simple. There isn’t any real exercises specifically designed to target this region of our arms so training it in an isolated manor is not really possible. Instead, when you are training your arms, concentrate harder and give your exercises a much harder and intense squeeze. By giving your body the mind to muscle connection when you are working out your arms with weights, you will help stimulate more muscle fibers in the upper arm region which in turn will result in a larger amount of muscle tissue being broken down.

This results in a higher amount of nutrient being provided to your upper arm region allowing the entire upper arm muscles, including your Brachialis, to have greater muscle stimulation and growth. One easy trick with your bicep curls, is to simply twist or rotate your wrist with each reputation or curl. Try different methods from performing curls with your wrists supplanted all the way outwards and also with your palms pronated and hands facing downwards with each bicep curl.

By changing up the variation in methods in which you perform curls with either dumbbells or barbell, will result in greater muscle tension during the exercise being performed, further stimulating more muscle growth in the upper arm and brachialis region.

Take-Home Message

By changing the way in which you perform your bicep curls via rotation of your hands/grip, will have an impact in the way in which the weight and exercise effects your muscles during the routine. Next time you are doing curls, remember to rotate your wrists outwards with dumbbells and use a reverse grip on barbells for a few sets and reputations.

Logan Berman

Logan Berman

Writer and expert

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