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Group Fitness Classes | What Drives Instructors Crazy?

Group Fitness Classes | What Drives Instructors Crazy?

Group fitness classes are all about working out alongside other like-minded individuals while capitalizing on the motivating, challenging and supportive guidance of an expert instructor. They are inherently different from personal trainers where you have your trainer’s undivided attention, and require disciplined effort by each member in order to be effective.

The reason for this is that the presence of one sluggish or uncommitted member can distract the trainer, thus hindering the quality of the lesson for all attendees. This becomes a point of concern since most of us sign up for group fitness programs due to a spur of the moment urge to reclaim our vigor. But we end up being the last one to arrive, first one to leave and constantly struggling to achieve the goals set by our instructors.

The important thing to remember here is that your fitness aims are not going to come easily and your instructor, no matter how good he/she is, can only help you if you meet them half way. So, if you want to make the most of your group fitness sessions, be sure to steer clear of these habits that drive instructors crazy.

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Bad Fitness Habits

Coming Late

The biggest pet peeve for all fitness instructors is people turning up late which indicates their lack of commitment and disrupts the momentum that instructors strive so hard to build at the start of each class.

It is for this very reason that most studios have tardiness policies and encourage people to reach the venue a couple of minutes early so that they are all set for the workout by the time the instructor arrives.

Chatting During Class

Bringing friends to class or having workout buddies are both excellent ways stay motivated, however, it is recommended that you reserve chit chat and catching up with them for breaks or wait until after the class.

This is important since speaking over the trainer will prevent you from thoroughly understanding their instructions which in turn will affect your performance and can even cause injuries or accidents.

Lack of Attentiveness

Each group fitness class offers loads of information that is difficult to retain in its entirety by all students. However, one thing that truly grinds every instructor is when clients do not pay attention to the information being shared and choose to go with their gut feeling while working out.

In such instances, not only is the trainer forced to repeat already communicated information individually for all the other uninterested members of the group, but it also slows the pace of the lesson and diminishes its overall efficiency.

In addition to this, instructors encourage participants tweak exercises to fit their unique body types, however, some people will disregard the trainer’s instructions completely and follow their own will during workouts. Needless to say, such behavior is rude and undermines the whole concept behind fitness training.

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Every fitness instructor sets a series of milestones during the course of a program such as performing X number of squats or lunges etc, all of which have been carefully designed to increase your strength and stamina over time.

Therefore, it is highly unsettling if participants quit the very moment they feel burdened or don’t push themselves enough to reach those critical targets that are absolutely essential if they want to achieve their fitness goals.

So, when in class, don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone to reach set milestones since the underlying concept behind any group fitness program is that people achieve more while working in collaboration with one another.

Another habit to avoid is not adhering to the diet plan that has been communicated by your instructor because such a habit will undo any good you do to yourself during class. So, be sure to stick to healthy foods and herbal supplements and teas and refrain from those delectable, but unhealthy high-carb, high-calorie and sugary foods that we tend to enjoy so much.


On the very opposite end of the spectrum are overachieving clients who constantly take on herculean challenges and end up putting their own safety in jeopardy while disrupting the pace of the class.

If you think you can lift heavier weights or do more rigorous workouts, just let your instructor know and if they feel that it is safe for you to go ahead they’ll happily let you proceed. On the other hand, they might direct you towards slightly lower targets that are over and beyond other participants, but lie well within safety limits to help you achieve your goals faster.

Using Your Cell Phone

Exercise in all its forms has spiritual and mental benefits and it is due to this reason that group fitness classes require participants to put away their cell phones to gain a few moments of relief from the burdens of everyday life.

One of the biggest pet peeves for any group fitness instructor is seeing people glued to their phones during class which not only reduces focus, but also prevents you from deriving maximum benefit from your class. So, try to leave your phone in your locker.

Hiding Your Fitness Facts

Instructors need to know your exact physical condition prior to the commencement of your fitness program so that they tailor workouts to fit your specific needs. This makes it absolutely crucial for you to be honest in disclosing any past injuries or mobility issues when you are inquired about them.

Avoiding Weights

There is a preconceived notion that lifting heavy weights leads to bulking up and consequently we see women in particular, avoiding weights during classes. In reality, however, the exact opposite is true as weight lifting coupled with a healthy diet brings about a leaner more attractive physique.

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Take Home Message

By staying away from these pet peeves you’ll make the optimum progress possible during your class by allowing your instructor to help you and take a really interest in your progression.

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