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Fitness and Chill | Get Fit While Relaxing at Home

Fitness and Chill | Get Fit While Relaxing at Home

It’s easy to sit around the house wasting hours watching your favorite TV series, marathon of sporting events, or drooling over the food channel. What’s not easy is waking up Monday morning feeling like you’ve been a couch potato all weekend! Most people enjoy their “cheat meals” on the weekend, while also being sedentary on the couch. These short workouts allow you to feel a little less guilty about indulging in some of your favorite treats!

Here are some ways to get fit while relaxing!

Make it a Gameget fit at home

The more fun you make exercise, the more you will enjoy doing it and the less that it becomes a chore. Therefore, make it into a game! Do things you like doing, and once you get a routine you can add in those hatred moves!

Start with something small, such as doing 30 jumping jacks or 30 crunches every commercial. Then you can work your way up to more complex moves, staying active and keeping your heart rate up is the most important key!

Be Part of the Game!

If you’re watching a sporting event, join in on the sweat! Games on TV get exciting to watch, get your blood pumping, and your voice raised. Let’s make it even better and get your body moving too!

Make Each Team a Different Exercise

Every time team A gets the ball, do 10 jumping jacks.

When team B gets possession, do 10 vertical jumps.

When team A scores a point, run in place for 30 seconds.

When team B scores, high knees for 30 seconds

get fit at home

The Couch Workout

It’s your rest day and you don’t feel like being too active, and also don’t want to miss any important parts during your show. The couch workout is just for you! You can do these at any time during your show, or continue to do the moves at special parts such as teams scoring or commercial breaks.

All these moves can be done while sitting right on your very own couch


20 Leg Kicks (with knees bent, extend one leg straight out, and return.)

20 Knee Taps (with knees bent, feet on floor, cross one ankle to tap the top of the opposite knee)

20 Partial Squats (while standing, squat until your buttocks touches the couch, stand back up)

20 Scissors (scoot buttocks to the edge of couch, legs straight, open legs as wide as you can, return to middle and repeat)

20 Flutter Kicks (keep legs straight out in front of you and quickly alternate legs up and down)

get fit at home


20 Ceiling Punches (can be done with or without dumbbells)

20 Forward Punches (can be done with or without dumbbells)

20 Couch Dips (scoot buttocks to hover over the floor, hands on edge of couch, use your triceps to dip yourself up and down)

20 Arm Circles (extend both arms out to your sides, spin in small circles)

20 Shoulder Presses (arms in flex position, meet both fists in middle above head)

20 Couch Ups (incline push up position with arms on edge of couch)


20 Bicycles (hold legs off ground and pedal feet like bicycle concentrating on your ab muscles)

20 Leg Circles (scoot your buttocks to the end of the couch, hold on to the edge with your hands, lift your feet 6″ off the ground and make small circles)

20 Inch Worms (with buttocks on edge of couch as before, pull your knees to chest and extend straight again)

20 Leg Lifts (buttocks on edge of couch, lift both legs straight up, hold for 5 seconds, relax to floor and repeat)

20 Bicycle Crunches (crunch left knee to right elbow, alternating sides)

get fit at home

Take-Home Message

There are so many options to make exercise fun. With these tips you don’t have to feel guilty that you stayed home watching TV all weekend, because you stayed active as well! There’s not a set rule that enjoying your favorite TV show, sporting event, or movie requires you to be completely inactive for two hours.

If you watch just 2 hours of television a week, and you do the workouts listed while you watch, you can burn an extra 500-1,500 calories each week, which is 22 pounds of fat per year!



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