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Get A Chest Pump | Try This Workout!

Get A Chest Pump | Try This Workout!

If you’re one that has a lagging chest, look no further than this workout to supercharge your chest into growth. The chest responds to a number of different types of lifts, angles, tempos and rep ranges so switching things up could be just what your body needs to get your chest growing. Follow this workout full of drop sets, super sets and giant sets to get a full pump out of the chest and absolutely shock the muscle into new growth.

Giant Set #1: Machine Bench Press/Incline Press/Decline Press

There are 3 different areas of the chest involving the upper, middle and lower portions. There’s also the outer chest and inner chest which can be triggered mainly by grip and hand placement. This first giant set will be performed in a continuous fashion in which you will do the required reps for the machine bench press, hop straight into the incline dumbbell press and then finish the set with a dumbbell decline press. This giant set does require a lot of equipment to lock down at one time so if you need to, you can always substitute out an exercise for a similar one.

chest pump

  • Start out first on the bench press machine to really target the middle/outer portion of the pecs
  • Retract the shoulder blades then slowly lower the weight to your chest then explode out of the hole and return to starting position
  • Move directly onto the incline dumbbell press without any rest
  • Retract the shoulders and lower the weight just under your chin then press back up to the top
  • Without any rest again lower the bench to a decline and using the dumbbells, lower weight to lower part of the chest then explode back up to the top

Sets and Reps: 3 giant sets of

  • Machine Bench Press: 12-15 reps
  • Incline Dumbbell Press: 12-15 reps
  • Decline Dumbbell Press: 12-15 reps

Super Set #2: Cable Flyes/Landmine Incline Press

With the first giant set out of the way, we’ve conquered hitting all areas of the chest in just one set- but we’re not done yet. These compound movements in a super-setting fashion is great to break through plateaus because of the maximum blood flow to the affected area it applies. This next superset is made up of more isolation type exercises and drop sets that will have you wishing you could go back to the first part of the workout. Don’t sacrifice your form just to move more weight. This type of workout is taxing so focus on breaking down the muscle properly and then add weight where needed.

chest pump


  • Get into position on a pulley cable machine and set the cables on each side to the highest attachment
  • Having your hands on the handles, lean forward slightly and press the weight downward in an arcing motion, really targeting the lower portion of the pecs
  • After doing 12-15 reps at your starting weight, lower the weight and perform another 12-15 reps without any rest
  • After finishing with a total of around 30 reps on the cable flyes, start in directly on the landmine incline press
  • While up on your knees, start with the end of the part at mid-chest height and the other end of bar secured into base
  • With both hands, press the weight up and focus on the squeeze and contraction of the upper chest without letting too much anterior delt come into play
  • Like with the flyes, perform the desired reps then drop the weight down and perform more reps

Sets and Reps: 3 supersets of

  • Cable Flyes: 12-15 reps with drop set of 12-15 reps
  • Landmine Incline Press: 12-15 reps with drop set of 12-15 reps

Chest Finisher #3: Pushups

Your chest should be pumped to the max due to all the volume you’re probably not used to being shoved into such a short time period. This is what it takes to shock the muscle and force it into new growth though. We’ve hit compound movements and isolation movement and to finish off the workout with a bang, we’ll be performing push-ups. Not just 3 sets of 10 pushups but 100 pushups for time. Finish this workout strong!

chest pump

  • Start in push-up plank position and perform as many push-ups as possible without breaking and then if need be, rest to get the full 100 reps

Sets and Reps: 1 set of 100

Take-Home Message

This workout may not be one you perform on a weekly basis, but it is a good one to have in your back pocket when maybe you feel lagging in the gym or you’ve hit a plateau in moving heavier weight. Always remember to focus on the stretch and contraction of the muscle and you’ll be on your weight to your dream chest in no time.

Tyler Stark

Tyler Stark

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