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Gain Muscle | How To Get Big On A Budget

Gain Muscle | How To Get Big On A Budget

The time has come to put on as much muscle as possible. You are preparing to eat large, immerse yourself in supplements and get the rest you need to get huge. The phrase “go big or go home” has become ingrained in your head and is leading you to do whatever it takes to add some mass. You begin reading up on what you need to do, what you need to take, and how much you actually have to eat to gain size; then you realize it’s going to cost you some extra money to gain an extra few pounds of muscle. With a some simple tips, you do not have to fall into a money trap, but rather, can become enlightened to the fact that it can actually be fairly easy to get big on a budget.

Foods to Gain Muscle

What and how you eat is going to be a huge indicator of getting big. Food is essential in providing the proper nutrients you need to grow. Do not underestimate food. Not growing? Eat more. Follow these food tips to prevent your wallet from being eaten.


effects of fast foodAvoid eating out as much as possible. The food industry is a billion dollar business with a ridiculously high markup on food. Yes, I know, chipotle gives you massive servings for around $8. But did you know you could make that same meal for under $3? By making your own food, you know what is being put into your meal which is easier to track your macros and stay healthier.


Buying foods in bulk normally will result in buying a greater quantity for a cheaper price per unit. Stores that sell in bulk, like Costco and Sam’s Club, are great places to stock up on food for the month. Do understand that certain foods may go bad, so be aware of the dates of your food and what can be frozen to preserve its life.



Here is list of foods that will help you save money and get the most nutrients for the cost:macros for bodybuilding

? Gallon of milk (one of the best things to buy)

? Rice

? Chicken breasts

? Beans

? Potatoes (sweet, read, regular)

? Tilapia

? Eggs

? Vegetables (spinach, broccoli)

? Fruits (apples, bananas, pears, strawberries)

Supplements to Gain Muscle

This is where you could save a lot of money or blow a lot of money very easy. Supplements are not necessary, but can help you get to your goals quicker. Be aware of scams and know what you are actually getting. Supplements help but training and nutrition have to be on point as well to see results. Think of supplements as tools to achieve your goals but not a means to an end.

plant based protein#1 PROTEIN  

The secrets in: you should not spend more than .50 cents to $1 per serving of protein. There I said it. Of course some people may need different demands, a different ingredient, or a certain kind of mix, but following this simple rule will help you get a decent protein and not make you broke. You can get quality protein for around this price range, especially around .80 cents. One dollar MAX per serving is okay, but just be aware of scams. When following this though, it is important to note the quality of the protein, so do your research. This leads to the next tip.


Do not buy supplements just because someone else who is bigger than you is using it. Understand what the supplement does, how to take it, and how it is beneficial. There are a lot of supplements out there and if one supplement was magical, everyone would know about it. Which leads to another segway to the next tip.


Do not grab random supplements and know what the popular ones are and why. Here is a list of the most effective supplements that can be essential to your supplement stack.


Surprise, surprise. Pre-workouts are just a bunch of ingredients combined to give you that amazing energetic feeling. Buying them involves buying a bunch of added and unnecessary filler ingredients, but when buying the essential ingredients alone, you can create your own pre-workout for a lot cheaper. Understand what you need and what you like in your pre-workout, then simply order the ingredients!

Training & Gym to Gain Muscle

#1 PAYING FOR WORKOUT PROGRAMS?best supplements crossfit athletes 4

There are many great resources online to find an adequate muscle building program. Although there are some great coaches and paid plans one can purchase on the web, be aware of pricy programs that claim unbelievable results. Be realistic with your training and understand what you are paying for if you choose to get a program.


A gym is crucial to getting big. What is needed is a gym with space and equipment to perform compound lifts such as squat, bench and deadlift. What is also crucial is to make sure there are weights that are heavy enough that will aid in your overall growth. To get big, you need to lift big, so make sure your gym has the right equipment. With the right equipment, sometimes the price of the gym will increase, but this is not always true. Talk with the sales person and tell them what you think you can afford. Surprisingly, gym sales people can go a lot lower on price for membership than what they say upfront, so be a tough negotiator.

Time to Get Big

Getting big does not have to leave you in big debt. Be smart, do your research and do not act impulsively with your money. Monitoring the market and seeing what is available will help you become better at managing your money and not overspend. Stick with these tips for a while and see how it can positively impact your bank account not to mention your body and mind.

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