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Full Body Barbell Workout

Full Body Barbell Workout

Summer’s in full swing but maybe you’re trying to trim off those last couple inches or pounds to get beach ready. Look no further than this fat-torching barbell circuit that will leave you begging for mercy. With a mixture of heavy compound lifts, drop sets and burnouts, this barbell workout will have you slim and trim in no time at all!

Exercise 1: Squats

squat full body workout

We all know that one of the fat burning kings is the squat. Squatting not only improves leg strength and power, it incorporates pretty much every muscle within the legs as well as in the upper posterior chain. Keep your form tight and knees out during the movement and squat till you can’t squat anymore.

  1. With an athletic stance, keep the barbell high on your upper back and rested on your traps
  2. Bend at the knees and shoot the hips back and core strong
  3. Go down below parallel then pop back up to the top and repeat
  4. On the last rep, strip all weight off and do a drop set of burnouts with just the bar

> Sets and Reps: 3 x 20-25 – burnout on final set

Exercises 2 & 3: Superset – Barbell Bench Press/Barbell Rowhow to properly bench press

The purpose of this workout is not necessarily to get a massive pump and build tons of mass – it’s to get shredded by doing lots of reps with high intensity and little rest time. Super-setting antagonistic muscle groups like the chest (push muscle) and the back (pull muscle) will give you a crazy pump and leave you dripping in your own sweat since the rest period is still the same.

  1. Set up the bench press with a flat bench and a slightly wider than shoulder width grip
  2. Contract the shoulder blades and engage the chest muscles to bust out around 20 reps in a row
  3. After completing this, set the bar on the ground and start right in with the barbell row
  4. Start with an overhand grip slightly wider than shoulder width and alternate your grip with sets to hit the underhand grip as well

> Sets and Reps: 4 x 20-25 on each – drop set on the last set on both lifts to get another 15 repetitions

Exercises 4, 5 & 6: Tri-set: Shoulder Press/BB Curl/OH Triceps Extensions

shoulder press

Although we’re hitting a lot of different body parts as well as a bunch of reps in this tri-set, it doesn’t mean that all muscle-building has gone to the wayside. Antagonistic muscle groups (biceps/triceps) respond incredibly well from this type of training and the deltoid ties right into both muscles. The end is in sight, so keep your form tight and pump out all the reps.

  1. Start with a barbell in the front rack position
  2. Retract the scapula and press the weight up and overhead then slowly return back to starting position
  3. Start directly into the curls with a shoulder-width grip and keep the elbows tucked into your side
  4. Curl the weight up to your chest then slowly lower back down to the starting position
  5. Set the weight down again and using an overhand grip, press the bar up and overhead with the hand slightly close than shoulder-width apart
  6. Lower the weight with the bend in the elbows behind your head and press back up the top using just the triceps

> Sets and Reps: 4 x 20-25 on each lift – drop set on each of the lifts on the last set to failure

Take Away Message

Whether you’re short on time, gym equipment or space, this full body barbell workout is for anyone looking to torch fat and get shredded. Be sure to always warm-up before hitting the weights hard (especially for a full-body workout) and then smash the iron!


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