Football Weight Training: Full 7 Day Split, 12 Week Plan

Football Weight Training: Full 7 Day Split, 12 Week Plan

With the football season fast approaching, now is the time to get yourself conditioned, strong and game ready. An excellent way to do this is through high frequency training, although it does need to be programmed right to be effective.

Football Training In The Off-Season

The off season is prime time to work some hypertrophy early into the program followed by strength and power later on. If we take a look at the calendar college athletes just finished up around the end of May and one of the local Universities has their first game in the beginning of September. This would give a solid 12 week training time or 3 mesocycles before the season begins after school is out. I would recommend trying this program next pre-season or whenever you have a solid 12 week block.

One of the best ways to increase frequency of training but still do total body training is utilizing a tier periodization for your exercise programming. A tier program utilizes a combination of total body, lower body and upper body exercises, and pairs it with either a light, medium, or heavy load. Early into the program the first mesocycle needs to stress hypertrophy to get the players use to weight.

Below you’ll find the explanations for each 4 week mesocycle of the 12 week plan. Please click here for the full PDF including the speed work and agility work to go with the weight training:

 ☑Football Weight Training Full 7 Day Split, 12 week Plan

push up football weight training

Football Weight Training: Mesocycle 1

In the first few weeks it is important to get the body prepped for the training to come. We will still be doing Olympic lifts with low volume and medium intensity to work on some speed and power and keep well versed with the techniques of those lifts. However, the weight will be dictated based on what you can either press, push press, or jerk; this allows for variation of the load being used meaning you have a light, medium, and heavy clean day with the weight being dictated based off the overhead movement being coupled with it.

Football Weight Training: Mesocycle 2

For mesocycle 2 we need to start getting progressively heavier to increase strength and start focusing more on sport specific movements adding more agility and plyometric work. Lots of the big 5 will be here, including bench, press, C&J, deadlifts, squats and much more lung-busting moves. The Carries on Sunday will be combined to one intense movement.

Football Weight Training: Mesocycle 3

The final mesocycle needs to emphasize more sport specific movements and reduce the intensity and increase the explosiveness of the exercises completed. There should be less emphasis on the weights and more emphasis on speed and agility specific to the sport.

Football Weight Training Full 7 Day Split, 12 Week Plan

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