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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019 | 5 Gifts To Get Dad This Father’s Day

Have you gotten your pops a Father’s Day gift yet? Avoid the mad scramble for a special gift for dad this year with our Father’s Day Gift Guide.

You’ve gone with the gag gifts, the old faithfuls, and the gift cards (aka the “figure it out yourself”).

This year, get your dad something that will help him be more fit and more active — something that he can use in his daily routine to make life a little bit easier.

Here are 5 great gifts to get Dad this Father’s Day.


1. The Barrel Bag | An Everyday Essential

An all-around classic, the Barrel Bag is perfect for everyday use. Now, your dad can easily transport everything he needs to tackle his day whether he’s in the office, at the gym, or hitting both day-to-day.

The Barrel Bag comes in three sleek yet conservative colors: Black, Slate Grey, and Taupe.

With a spacious inside and Velcro side pockets, he can bring all of his essentials and still have room for extra accessories.

In addition, the dual handles make this bag a go-to carry-all perfect for traveling business trips. Take the stress of packing out of Dad’s routine with this one-bag solution.


2. Collagen Protein | The Anti-Aging Hero

Does he complain about aches and pains? Give your dad some extra support with Collagen Protein.

As we get older, the collagen that makes up the structure of our bones depletes. Supplementing your diet with more collagen has been shown to give bones more strength and help protect against bone-loss.1

Beneficial for skin, hair, nails and joints, Collagen Protein is designed to help lubricate all of these key areas.

So help keep dad looking younger and feeling younger too by giving him Collagen Protein complete with 18 grams per serving and zero carbs.


3. Atlantic Swim Shorts | New Summer Style

Summer is here. Before dad tries pulling off the gym-shorts-to-the-beach look, grab him a pair of swim shorts that have serious style without comprising on comfort.

The open cut of the Atlantic Swim Shorts gives anyone who wears these shorts the freedom to move the way they want to, eliminating that god-awful chaffing guys get from wet trunks at the beach.

Choose from colorways like Black, Ultra Blue, and Sulfur, and save Dad a trip to the outlets.


4. The Meal Bag Backpack | Fuel On-The-Go

Another bag? This one’s different. Unlike the Barrel Bag, the Meal Backpack comes complete ice packs and meal containers, making it easy to keep food cool and stored away safely.

The perfect bag for weekend excursions and fishing or hiking trips, The Meal Backpack makes fueling on-the-go easy.

Prep, store, and go. With 3 spacious compartments and adjustable shoulder straps, It’s that simple.


5. Neon Signature Sweat Shorts | A Weekend Go-To

Whose dad doesn’t crash in his spot in the living room or “man-cave” on the weekend? 100 percent cotton, The Neon Signature Sweat Shorts are the perfect Sunday couch shorts.

Comfortable and stylish, these shorts maintain a minimalist look with a high-fashion aesthetic.

Upgrade Dad’s look with this all new design.

Want some new gear for yourself? Check out all new summer styles here.


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2019-05-21 16:12:08By Lauren Dawes


Alfonso E. Bello & Steffen Oesser(2006) Collagen hydrolysate for the treatment of osteoarthritis and other joint disorders:a review of the literature, Current Medical Research and Opinion, 22:11, 2221-2232, DOI: 1185/030079906X148373

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