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The EaZy Way To Build Muscle

The EaZy Way To Build Muscle

You may well have seen the ‘bendy’ bar in the gym, but you may not know how to make proper use of it. The EZ bar is a great gym tool and if you use it correctly you can put on some serious muscle. Here are 5 exercises which make use of the EZ bar and can help you build some lean muscle mass in 2017!

Note: These exercises are not intended as a workout in their own right, but to be incorporated into your workouts e.g. if you are training arms then you could make use of EZ Bar Bicep Curls and Skullcrushes, if you’re training chest you could perform a Close Grip Press using an EZ Bar etc.

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EZ Bar Exercises

1. Bicep Curl

The EZ Bar can be a great alternative to dumbbells when performing bicep curls, especially as it allows you to use a variety of grips. For example:

? Close Grip Bicep Curl

? Normal Grip Bicel Curl

? Wide Grip Bicep Curl

All of these varieties of the bicep curl will work your bicep in slightly different ways. A great way to incorporate the EZ Bar curl and all these grip variants into your workout is to perform 3 sets of 21s at the end of your bicep/arm workout and change the grip each time. This can be a greater finisher to your arm workout and will really help to drive your bicep muscles to total fatigue.

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 2. Skullcrushes

Lie on a bench and hold the EZ bar straight up in the air above you. Then, making sure you keep the elbows together, lower the bar towards your forehead/skull. This will work your triceps and if it isn’t already you should definitely make this one a regular in your tricep workout routines. Even incorporate it at the end of your chest workouts when your triceps are already partially fatigued to stimulate growth. This really is a great exercise to make the most of the EZ bar.

Just make sure you don’t completely overload the weight and drop it on your head! It is always a good idea to have a spotter if you’re performing this exercise in the gym.

 3. Close Grip Press

This is a great chest exercise to really work on the shape of your inner pectorals. Using an EZ bar will lead to you using a slightly different grip to a straight barbell, slightly changing the emphasis placed upon your chest muscles. Make sure not to hold the bar too close, as this will severely limit your range of motion and therefore you will not be able to perform the exercise properly. Holding the bar just inside shoulder width is perfect.

 4. Lying Delt Raise

This is a fantastic exercise to work a muscle that is often neglected by a number of gym goers. Set the bench on an incline and then lie on it. You should be holding the EZ bar with an overhand grip, with your hands at should width apart. Raise the bar up to shoulder level, making sure that your chest remains pressed against the bench so you’re not using your back. Then release the bar back to the start position.

With this exercise the most important thing is form, so keep the weight low to begin with and build it up slowly to make sure you’re performing the exercise correctly and getting maximum benefit from it.

 5. Upright Row

Ever performed upright row on a straight barbell and felt a pain in your wrists? You can alleviate this pain by using an EZ bar, which will change the angle of your grip and help to take the pressure off your wrists. You should notice that by reducing the pressure on your wrists you will be able to lift more weight.

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Take Home Message

If you’re not already making use of the EZ Bar then hopefully after reading this article you’ve realised that you should be! It is a great way to add an alternative to some exercises you may to regularly and in the case of upright rows it can help to avoid injury. It is also a great bar to invest in if you want to do some training from home, as with limited weight you can still perform a lot of useful exercises with it. Add some variety to your training in 2017 with the EZ Bar.


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