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Discpline | How To Develop A Strong Work Ethic To Succeed

Discpline | How To Develop A Strong Work Ethic To Succeed

Some may call it easy. Others may use excuses. Very few know the discipline that it takes to develop a winning attitude and work ethic to succeed. With Mr Olympia fast approaching, I’m going to take a closer look at the reigning champion.

However, don’t be turned off if you aren’t necessarily a bodybuilding fan; a fantastic work ethic can be spanned across any area of life and goal you have. This may be to do with fitness, such as losing weight, putting on muscle or it could be something else, such as I want to do better at work to earn a promotion or I want to lead a more disciplined life.

I hope this article inspires you to develop discipline and achieve your goals.

discipline positive mindset


The current reigning 5 time Mr Olympia champion is Phil Heath. He isn’t just an icon in this world of chiseled physiques, he’s a legend that will not soon be forgotten. The man has shaped the way for generations to come. Not just by his presence on stage, but by his dedication to becoming the best mentally in this sport. Work ethic, and talent is one hell of a combination that can’t, and won’t be, overlooked.


How might you become like such a man you may ask?

Well, cold hard facts is that there will only be one Phil. Just like there is only one Arnold. However there is also only one YOU. No one ever said that you can’t train like Phil. You can do whatever you set your mind to. All you have to do is get into the mindset that you cannot, and will not be defeated. Much easier said than done though. The mental barriers can be far more challenging than any set of weights can.


Positive Work Ethic = Positive Mindset

Mr. Olympia didn’t become Mr. Olympia by simply picking up a dumbbell. Phil has overcome may obstacles on his road to the top. If you take an hour out of your time, and watch Generation Iron I promise it will be worth your time. To train like Phil means to have a work ethic that matches a killer mindset. You can’t expect this world to hand you a damn thing!

When life throws you curve balls you simply knock them out of the park. You work two jobs in order to afford the necessary food, and supplements. You tell your friends, “sorry I can’t go out tonight, I have to be up at 5a.m. to do morning cardio.” There is never an easy moment in the life of Phil. It will never simply be lifting like him to become great.

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The man was an athlete to begin with. With that being said, you can’t just jump off the couch, and decide to be great. You need a foundation. Applaud yourself for getting off the couch, and then take your ass to the stair master. Start at the beginning. You can’t just jump into Mr. Olympia shape or being the CEO of a successful company.

Hard work comes from day after day of blood, sweat, and tears. The mind is the key to your success. Set a goal in your mind, and day by day conquer that goal. It takes time to be the greatest in the world. No, its not impossible, but its also not for the weak minded.

Bodybuilding is hands down one of the toughest athletic events mentally. The pressure crushes most who can’t hang. The select few that silence the voices in their head telling them to quit are the ones that are on the Pro level stages. The ones that sacrifice everything just for a chance to compete against the very best in the world are the ones that train like Phil. Now I hope that you can learn to train like Phil, but realize through time you need to train like YOU! Be great, and never take the easy way out!


Checklist For Success

? Hard Work

? Discipline 

? Positive Mindset

? Set Goals



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