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How To Control Food Cravings

How To Control Food Cravings

It’s Sunday and you are unwinding after a long week. You’re sitting watching television without a care in the world. What’s that? Your senses begin to tingle. Your mind speculates the time it would take for a pizza to be delivered. Then your mind remembers the double chocolate chip ice cream sitting in the fridge which is waiting to be eaten. Sitting back and realizing you have had your diet on track for the last week, it is difficult to contemplate if it is worth this immediate satisfaction. This is a simple case of the attack of the cravings and can be avoided with a few tips and realizations.

#1 Distract Yourself

how to control food cravings

Cravings and a desire to eat can manifest itself when you have nothing to do. Your mind wanders and wants to find something to participate in, so one thing most people end up doing when they are bored is eat! Keeping busy to get your mind off of food is the best way to distract yourself from indulging in something you will regret. Try reading, playing a game, or doing work. It might be difficult, but once you get involved in something, your hunger should drop.

#2 Switch Up Your Diet

Eating the same thing over and over again everyday can increase cravings tremendously. You can only do chicken, brown rice, and asparagus for so long before you go crazy. Add a variety of foods so your meals do not get repetitive. Keeping your meals diverse will keep you satisfied and not wanting to desperately eat something that will ruin your diet.

#3 Hydrate

how to control food cravings

A lot of us mistake dehydration for hunger. We are all lazy to drink water, let’s admit it, but it can help tremendously. Simply drinking more water can definitely relieve symptoms of cravings and hunger. Also, water fills up your stomach throughout the day as you drink it repeatedly, keeping your feelings of hunger down. So be that person who carries a gallon of water with you everywhere because it will sure help!

#4 Treat Yourself Moderately

Banning foods completely out of your diet and depriving yourself can be very hard on your mind. Try to incorporate small treats into your diet that can help you gain some satisfaction. Do not turn these times into a binge, but a moderate treat to keep you sane. The longer you deprive yourself, the more likely it will probably turn into a binge. Savor the food and enjoy the flavors from it, which is something that is truly forgotten to do.

#5 Don’t Skip Meals!

how to control food cravings

Skipping meals increases your hunger and perpetuates the feelings of just eating anything in sight no matter what it is. Be consistent with your meals and do not starve yourself. Eating throughout the day besides skipping a lot of your meals will help you control your hunger and not feel a desire to eat something unhealthy.

#6 Avoid Trendy Diets

A lot of diets that are in style and trending will ultimately limit a certain type or category of food. Your body will realize it’s missing something, and then bam, cravings strike. Depending on your self-control, certain diets may be very difficult to manage. Eating moderate and using the other tips in your back pocket is the key to limiting cravings.

Take-Home Message

Overall, cravings and the feelings of hunger are the worse! Using these tips will definitely help you conquer these issues while feeling satisfied and content. The key is being consistent with your attitudes and meals while being diverse with what you eat. Don’t be shy to occasionally work a food into your diet because last thing you need is to feel guilty about a whole cake binge that could’ve been prevented.

Brian Kudler

Brian Kudler

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