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Challenge Yourself With Our Advanced Tricep Workout

Challenge Yourself With Our Advanced Tricep Workout

For those who have been hitting the gym hard lately, you may have found growth to be stagnant or finding yourself reaching a plateau. Arm training is especially notorious for stalling so what better way to bust through a low period than smashing a triceps focused workout to supercharge muscle growth. This workout will be short yet intense and feature some moves that will fully isolate the triceps heads as well as feature some moves to build big time muscle and pump the area full of blood. Throw on your cutoff and get ready to torch some triceps.

Exercise #1: Bent-Over Lateral Triceps Kickbacks

I know this exercise is a mouthful but the benefits you’ll reap from performing these will be all worth it. These differ from a normal kickback because of the work that the scapula has to do to keep the arm in a still position perpendicular to the torso. Since you’ll have to also keep your elbow up against a barbell, this will be an extremely strict movement where you’ll use a light weight to really isolate the triceps and get a full stretch and contraction.

" Quadruped Tricep side kick-backs" Used for full tricep contractions as well as scapular stability. Those with a history of anterior shoulder pain may benefit from this. The tricep is basically the "hamstring of the scapula" providing additional posterior gleonohumeral joint stability and taking pressure off the anterior tissues of the shoulder being Impingement. But aside from all the nerdy rehab crap, this move BURNS!!. The move: On your fours with one arm to the ground with a slight push to help engage the the abs and take off some slack of the lumbar spine. The working arm is placed either on a bar or pad where the shoulder is horizontal to the body. Keep the elbow pressed on the bar, pack the shoulder blade down and in towards the spine and then extend to full lockout. The shoulder blade MUST maintain its position. Make sure you keep a light push of the arm that is on the ground so you wont lose that ab engagement. Note: lose the ego and go light with the weight first so you can get a feel of this You are very welcome.

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  • Set up this movement by having a barbell in a rack that is set up at hip height
  • Step to the side and bend over at a 90 degree angle while retracting the scapula into place and placing arm out to the side
  • Keep your working arm’s elbow in contact with the bottom of bar and extend weight out to the side
  • Repeat on other arm for one total set

Sets and Reps: 4 x 10-12

Exercise #2: Dips

With the arms pre-exhausted and pumped now is a great time to hit a big heavy compound movement. The dips are not for everyone when performed correctly and avoiding use of the chest and front delts. If you are able to do a set of 10-12 with good form, using a dipping belt with some added plates for resistance is the way to go. Keep your form tight but don’t be afraid of going heavy.tricep workout


  • Set up on a conventional dipping bar with the handles closest to your body to provide maximum triceps involvement
  • Keep the body up right to keep tension on the triceps and not the chest/delts
  • Go down to about 90 degrees and then press back up to the top

Sets and Reps: 4 X 10-12

Exercise #3: 3-Way Head-Smackers

With an isolation move and a heavy compound move out of the way, now’s the time to fully pump the muscle full of blood and get those nutrients into the area. You’ve probably performed a skull crusher before but the pump you’ll receive from the different ending points of all these will be crazy. Keep the form tight and get those triceps screaming for mercy.tricep workout


  • Begin this exercise with a curl bar loaded up with a weight you can hit about 20-25 reps on a conventional skull crusher movement
  • Perform the first 10-15 reps by lowering the weight to your chin the extending back up to the top
  • Perform the second 10-15 reps by lowering the weight to your forehead and extending up and back
  • Perform the third 10-15 reps by lowering the weight behind your head and extending even further behind the head

Sets and Reps: 3 X 30-40 reps (aiming for 10-15 for each movement)


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