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Bulgarian Split Squats | The Benefits & How To Do

Bulgarian Split Squats | The Benefits & How To Do

As you prepare to shred away any fat you accumulated over the Winter, one of the best tools you can add to your fat slashing arsenal is unilateral movements. Unilateral movements burn a ton of calories while balancing strength on your dominant and non-dominant sides.

The Bulgarian Split-Squat is one of the best lower body unilateral movements you can do to build stronger legs, incinerate body fat, and mold a strong and shapely butt.

If you’re an athlete or even a runner the Bulgarian Split-Squat will improve your all around performance by increasing your balance and stability. If you play a sport that involves a lot of jumping, the Bulgarian Split-Squat, will help you to build stronger and more powerful glutes and hamstrings which aid in producing the power needed to propel yourself into the sky.

How to Bulgarian Split-Squat

bulgarian split squat 1Standing in front of a bench, with dumbbells in your hands – or using your bodyweight – extend your leg back, placing the top of your foot on a bench. This is your starting position.

Begin the movement by squatting towards the floor, flexing your forward knee to ninety degrees; attempting to bring the knee of your rear leg in contact with the floor.

Return to the starting position by extending your hip and knee of the forward leg. Complete one set then switch to the opposite leg.

Two Common Mistakes Made with Bulgarian Split Squats

One of the most common mistakes I see people make in regards to the Bulgarian Split Squat is that they try to maintain a rigid upright posture while they lower their back knee to the ground.

This actually does a lot more harm than good, as it reduces your range of motion and leaves out a big majority of your glutes as well as reducing the amount of power your muscles can exert.

A simple fix for this is to slightly lean about 25-30 degrees towards the ground. Your chest should remain upright and pointed towards the wall in front of you, and not the ground, but the slight change in your body’s position will allow for greater range of motion and more booty building glute recruitment.

The second biggest mistake I see stems from the height of the bench or box someone chooses to elevate their foot on. If you notice that you’re arching your back, that means that one of your hips is tilting higher than the other. If you’re excessively leaning forward–your chest is pointed at the ground—the bench or box you’re using is too high.

Play around with the height until you find a height that works best for you.

Take-Home Message

Unilateral movements are the fast track to getting shredded faster. The Bulgarian Split-Squat will not only help torch any body fat you gained this winter, but you’ll also be improving your overall athletic performance, increasing your overall leg strength, and waking up those sleepy glutes.

*Special Tip: Once you master the bodyweight version of this if you really want to take it to the next level, add a small jump at the bottom of the position and propel yourself off the floor. This little tweak will ignite your metabolism and have it burning hotter than the fires of Mordor.*



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