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5 Exercises To Build Big Triceps

5 Exercises To Build Big Triceps

Every guy who goes to the gym and lifts weights wants to get big arms. The main problem is that most guys focus on their biceps believing that this muscle is the most important to give their arms the mass required to look big.

This is where a lot of gym goers are going wrong though because it is the triceps, which is most important to train to get your arms looking big. The triceps makes up 2/3 of your arms size, and when you know that, it’s easy to understand why you should be smashing your triceps workouts in the gym to really put on mass.

So, what exercises should you be doing to increase the strength and mass of your triceps?

Exercises To Build Big Triceps

#1 Skull Crushes 

This is a great exercise to start off your triceps routine. You should really work the muscle to fatigue to make sure every exercise after this is making the muscle ‘burn’.

Lie on a bench and use an EZ bar, holding it straight above you. Keeping your elbows in lower the bar towards your forward slowly, keeping the tension and then drive the weight up into the air to return to the starting position.

The main focus here is to fatigue the muscle, so make sure when bringing the weigh towards your skull you use a 4 second negative to really work the triceps.

5 sets of 8-12 reps 

build big triceps

#2 Overhead Triceps Extension

For this exercise you need to keep your bench, but put it up so you can sit with your back resting against the bench. Take a dumbbell and lift it above your head. The aim here is to slowly drop the dumbbell behind your head to put tension on your triceps. When you have lowered the dumbbell behind your head drive the dumbbell back up to the start position.

With this exercise again focus on slowly lowering the weight to keep tension on your triceps. It is a good idea to do this exercise looking into the mirror. This way you can make sure you’re dropping the dumbbell below your head and really putting tension on your triceps.

5 sets of 8-12 reps

#3 Triceps Cable Pull Down (Drop Set)

Head over to the cables and choose a straight bar to attach. The aim of this exercise is to put your triceps under some serious tension for a prolonged period of time.

Choose a weight which you can get 8-12 reps. When performing each rep focus on pulling down, pause for 1 second and then release the weight slowly back to the start position. When you have performed 8-12 reps drop the weight you’re using in half and go for 12-15 reps. Your triceps should be burning after this.

If you’re getting far more than 12-15 reps on your drop set weight then increase the weight you’re lifting for 8-12 reps to make sure your triceps are fatigued on the drop set.

3 drop sets 

build big triceps

#4 Close Grip Bench

Back to the bench now. Using a barbell load the bar with about 50-60% of the weight you could bench for 8 reps.

The important thing here is to not take the ‘close grip’ too literally, as holding the bar too close will limit your range of motion. Hold the bar slightly narrower than shoulder width apart. Bring the bar down right on top of your chest and then lift the weight with an explosive movement.

As with all the other exercises focus on slowly lowering the bar to your chest. This will increase the time your triceps spend under tension, breaking down more muscle fibers and leading to more growth and increased strength.

4 sets, 8-12 reps

#5 Triceps Dips

These are a great finisher to any triceps workout to really make sure you have fatigued the muscle. For triceps dips it is best to perform 5 sets and go until failure on each set. If you’re finding it too easy then you need to be lifting more weight in the previous sets to make sure your muscles are properly fatigued by the time you get to triceps dips. Each rep should be a real struggle.

You can add weight to your dips by using a lifting belt or by placing a dumbbell between your legs to increase the difficultly.

At the end of 5 working sets your triceps should be in agony and you shouldn’t be able to perform one more rep. If performed properly then this workout should help you add some serious mass to your triceps.

5 sets, go until failure 

biceps and triceps

Supplements To Put On Mass

After giving your absolute all in this triceps workout the next most important thing is to make sure you’re getting in the required nutrients to enhance muscle recovery and subsequently growth.

No matter how much effort you put in at the gym, if you don’t get your diet right outside it, then you will seriously struggle to put on muscle mass. Here are a list of supplements to incorporate around your daily diet to help bring about muscle growth:

? Impact Whey Protein

The protein shake is one of the easiet and most convenient ways to get in a good amount of protein quickly. Myprotein Impact Whey contains over 80% protein per serving. Whey protein is fast absorbing meaning your body can make use of the protein quickly and begin to heal your muscles. You should make a protein shake your post workout drink of choice to maximise recovery and the growth of lean muscle mass.

? Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is one of the most researched supplements in the sports nutrition market and is proven to help aid training and increase muscle growth. Creatine gives the body more energy as it influences the ATP cycle. Keeping it simple, creatine helps give your muscles more energy to perform contractions, meaning you can lift heavier weight and complete more repetitions, helping to breakdown more muscle fibres and increase growth. This is a must-have supplement for any gym-goer looking to put on mass.


Amino Acids are essential for protein syntehsis, making them vital for muscle recovery and growth. Supplementing with BCAAs through the day, pre, during or post workout is beneficial for your recovery after working out.

? Casein

When you go to sleep your body goes for an extending amount of time without food or nutrients, and this can disrupt muscle recovery and growth. Casein is a slow releasing protein, aiding recovery during the night. Going to bed hungry will not to anything for your if you’re trying to put on mass, so make a casein shake before bed routine to maximize your muscle gain.

Take Home Message

If you want big triceps then give this workout a go. Remember, the most important thing in this workout is TUT – Time Under Tension. Make sure you keep your triceps under tension returning the weight slowly and in a controlled manner to the start position before performing each rep. This will help work your muscles to fatigue, tear more muscle fibers and providing you get your nutrition right, will bring about more muscle growth.

Smash this workout and get big triceps.


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