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Big Legs Workout | Push, Pull & Legs Split

Big Legs Workout | Push, Pull & Legs Split

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Ryan Thompson


If you want to gain muscle at an optimum rate, one of the best splits to do is the push/pull legs routine. Let me explain what exactly this is.

It’s an extremely simple, yet effective, method of training your body split into three parts:

?  Push workouts –  you will train all of the upper body muscles that use a “push” practice to target (chest, triceps, anterior and lateral delts).

?  Pull workouts – you are going to train the upper body muscles that require a “push” motion to target (biceps, back, posterior delts).

?  Legs workout – will train your lower body (quads, hamstrings, calves, abs).

Benefits of Using Push/Pull/Legs Split?

Proper squat form


It is probably one of the most efficient workout regimes simply because all related muscles are targeted with one another in the same workout. So you get the most overlap of motions within the same workout. So an example of this would be when you’re training your chest, on an exercise like bench press, you are also targeting your anterior delts and triceps.

All while your still hitting your chest. You essentially obtain maximum synergy and effectiveness with this type of split.

Another benefit is the fact that you are involving different joints with each workout, reducing joint strain and healing with the prevention of injury.

Who Should Use A Push/Pull/Legs Split?

push pull split

This routine is most ideal for the intermediate to advanced lifter. If you are a beginner and just getting started with working out I would suggest doing a full body routine around 3 days a week. I would do this for a couple months, just to get your body used to everything and time to recover properly.

Then once you have progressed into a more intermediate level of working out I would suggest trying out an upper body/lower body type of split, which is actually one of the most popular ways for the vast majority of the workout population to do. If you want to alternate to a different routine after this I would highly recommend the push/pull/legs split, your body has adapted to working out and the splits nicely so the transition should be smooth.

However, if you try the push/pull/legs split as a novice and its working for you then I am all for it, everyone is different and everyone reacts differently to different programs.

Sample Push/Pull/Legs Workout Routine


Push Day


? Bench Press
? Dumbbell Shoulder Press (Seated)
? Skullcrushers
? Side Lateral Raises
? Dumbbell Incline Chest Press
? Rope Pull Downs


It’s essentially up to you on what you want to do rep/set/weight wise


Pull Day


? Pull Ups
? Barbell Shrugs
? Deadlifts
? Dumbbell Hammer Curls
? EZ Bar Curls
? Bent Over Rows
? Rope Face Pulls


Legs Day/Abs


? Leg Curls
? Leg Extensions
? Calf Raise
? Leg Press
? Hanging Leg Raises
? Crunches


pull up

For myself I train in 6-day increments, so advanced lifters may do a similar routine to myself:

Monday – push

Tuesday – pull

Wednesday – legs

Thursday – push

Friday – pull

Saturday – legs

Sunday – rest


Beginners  If you are just starting out on this split I would suggest doing one day on and then one day off.

Monday – push

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – pull

Thursday – rest

Friday – legs

Then either restart on Sunday or if you rest the whole weekend start it back up on Monday.

I would also recommend switching up your push days and pull days and leg days. Don’t do the same exact workout for your Monday push routine as you would do on your Thursday push routine. You want to keep the muscles guessing, don’t do the same thing over and over again. So maybe do barbell flat bench on Monday, and then to hit your chest at another 90 degree angle on Thursday do dumbbell flat bench.

Take Home Message

If you have never tried this split before, or simply just want to change your normal routine up I would give this a try. It might shock your muscles and produce some results for you. It is effective and who knows, you might keep it as your normal routine. I hope this article helped you understand this split a little better if you were unfamiliar with it or are looking to give it a shot. Happy lifting!


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