What’s The Best Time Of Day To Work Out & Lift Weights?

What’s The Best Time Of Day To Work Out & Lift Weights?

When you’re new to fitness, you want to do everything right. That’s natural. As human beings, we want to be correct and do things efficiently, so of course we would want to make our gym experience worth it. From a personal standpoint, I go to the gym truly because I love it, but I still want to see some strength gains and look good. So I try to make my gym experience as efficient as possible. And that includes the time of day that I train. But what times is best? What time is the worst? Does it really matter?

The best time to train is the time that you’re most likely to train

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  • Perks of training in the morning:
    • You get it “out of the way”
    • Fits well into corporate schedules
    • Fits well into busy lifestyles
    • You can go to scheduled classes to make it more fun or to be with friends
    • You start the day off on a great note
    • You’re a morning person
  • Perks of training in the middle of the day:
    • You’ve had some food in your system
    • You’re more awake
    • Energy levels tend to peak mid-morning and mid-day for some people, and if you’re one of them, then it might be worth your while to spend that energy burst in the gym!
    • Can potentially make fasting easier- for those who want to fast into lunch time or afternoon, adding another half hour to an hour and a half of activity can make it easier
    • You might be able to squeeze it into your lunch break
  • Perks of training at night:
    • You’ve probably had most of the food you’ll be consuming for the day already, so you’ll most likely have a good amount of energy
    • Also fits well into corporate schedules
    • Also fits well into busy lifestyles
    • Great for “night owls”
    • It’s a good time to “detox” from the day and spend some time on yourself

The worst time to train is the time you don’t want to…

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We all feel lazy sometimes, or don’t have the motivation. Sometimes we just want to sleep in or come home after work and relax on the couch and catch up on some television. And that’s fine! But if you’re not a morning person, why would you force yourself to be one? If you like getting to bed early, why would you hit the gym when, normally, you’d be getting ready to hit the hay? Do what makes sense to you and try to fit the gym into the schedule you already have.

Does it matter what time you train?

In the end, no, it doesn’t really matter. There are studies that say hormone and energy levels are highest at certain times of the day, but we also live in a time where we can’t do exactly what we want when we want to. We have obligations such as work and family, so we have to workout around those things. What matters is that you make exercise a priority, keep it consistent, and actually enjoy it.

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