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The Best Supplements for High Intensity Training

The Best Supplements for High Intensity Training

High Intensity Training uses a lot of energy and places high demand on the body. While you are still doing compound movements that will help build strength, you are also doing them at fast pace and high intensity. This will help to burn calories. The intensity of the workout means that supplements can be a beneficial addition to your diet.

Whey Protein

Whey protein should be included in every type of training. Whey protein helps your muscles recover after a workout and helps to hit your protein macros. Any type of protein powder should be beneficial, whether it be isolate, concentrate, or any other type of protein, although a type of milk protein known as casein is best not be taken after a workout, because of its slow releasing properties. If you want to take casein a good time would be right before you go to bed: that way your body would get slow constant doses of protein through the night.

Whey protein should be consumed immediately after your workout to help with muscle recovery. It can also be taken at any other time during the day as a snack or to hit your protein requirement.

Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine increases muscle endurance. It should help you finish stronger and faster. Muscle endurance is key in high intensity workouts; all of the compound movements in the short time period can be exhausting on your muscles. Beta alanine can help your muscles stay strong during your workout that way you can come back even stronger.

Beta alanine can be consumed at anytime throughout the day for results although, optimal time would be pre-workout. A side effect of beta alanine is a tingling sensation, and most people like this before a workout because it lets them know that their pre-workout is working!

3-5 grams of Beta Alanine daily is the recommended dosage for maximum results.


Creatine increases ATP which increases the energy in your muscles which can help you lift longer and harder and is one of the most researched and proven supplements in the fitness industry. Studies show it really does not matter when you take creatine, as long as you get 5g in a day. Some more unusual benefits of creatine include bone strength, improved cognitive performance, and faster sprints – all of which are of benefit to those taking part in high intensity training.


BCAAs will help to get the amino acids that your muscles need to grow and recover. The amino acids included in this are leucine, isoleucine, and valine; these are very important for your body to function properly. You can get these from from the foods you eat, but athletes sometimes do not get enough of these three essential amino acids.

Most of the amino acids your body needs can be produced by cells, but these three can not be produced by your body naturally, so they are called essential, and are used especially in protein synthesis.

It does not matter when you choose to supplement with BCAAs though many high intensity workout athletes like to sip these intra-workout, not least because the juicy flavors make you want to drink more.

Take-Home Message

Using these supplements will help you as you endure this intense and strenuous type of exercising. I hope that these supplements help you with your high intensity training and any other training style you may try in the future.



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