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The Best Gym Gifts For A Fit Dad This Father’s Day

The Best Gym Gifts For A Fit Dad This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a day to recognize our amazing fathers in our lives. Dad figures help with many areas in life from financial support, physical strength and being an overall leader for your family. Show your dad some love this June by getting your fit-conscious dad some items to boost his confidence and reward him for being an awesome pops.

To help up your dad’s swag in your life, follow these tips and ideas for gifts that’ll pump up his fitness/health game.

fit fathers day

#1: New Gym/Running Shoes

New shoes are not a necessity but you’d be surprised the wonders it does for a guy’s confidence. With a new pair of kicks, us guys feel like we can squat 500 lbs, run a 4.4 40-yd dash and dunk a basketball with the best of them. Although this may never come true, new shoes are an awesome gift for dad and one that will surprise him as well.

#2: Watch

You can go a couple of different ways here with getting a new watch for your father. You can choose the sporty route – get him one that’s loaded up with GPS capability, Wi-Fi and calorie tracking. Gym rats will love this stuff. If your dad already has something like this or is maybe not interested in this type, go for the dress watch that he can wear to work or out on the town with mom. Either way, he’ll love this new accessory.

#3: Protein

fit fathers day

Every fitness enthusiast loves getting new supplements – it’s like big-kid Christmas! Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to surprise your dad and support his fitness journey by getting him some new protein. Whey protein is cheap to get, usually a need for gym-goers and with the multiple flavors Myprotein offers, it’s hard to go wrong with this gift.

#4: Tie

Although it’s a cliché and a total boring gift, if your fitness dad is in to looking good from the gym’s perspective, he probably like’s to keep himself looking fresh throughout the rest of the day as well. Go with a tie that’s not homemade (although adorable) and is super sleek and stylish. He’ll love to wear it and will feel like a million bucks the whole day.

#5: Gym Clothing

fit fathers day

As much as you like your dad to look nice at work, he loves to get his hands on some fresh, new gym clothing. Just like with new shoes, new clothing doesn’t make you push more weight or get bigger, but it does boost self-confidence for your beast of a dad. Check out Myprotein’s incredible men’s clothing range full of stringer tanks, tee’s, hoodies, shorts and sweats to fit his style.

#6: Thermos/Mug

One of the hottest items on the market within the last year is a stainless steel thermos that keeps drinks cold for hours on end. Whether using it all day at work, a day on the golf course or maybe a day at the zoo with the family, these thermoses keep a drink cold literally the whole day and the sleek design is something he’ll crave. A new coffee mug is also a great idea- throw a picture of the kids on it for some added special meaning.

#7: Shaving Kit

A different idea you can run with this Father’s Day, is getting your dad some type of grooming or shaving kit. He spends a lot of time and effort eating and lifting to achieve a nice physique so help him polish it off with some fancy shaving cream, nice razors and superb after-shave. He’ll absolutely love this.

#8: Protein Snacks

fit fathers day

Every guy likes to eat and us fitness buffs love to eat stuff that’s high and protein and good for us, but also tastes great. Myprotein’s range of protein treats like beef jerky, protein bars and even protein cookies will be a slam dunk for your dad this year. He’ll satisfy his sweet tooth without busting his gains.

#9: Clothing Subscriptions

Buying gym clothes may be a constant thing in your household for the gym dude of a dad, but he may just not know how to wear anything else. Help him out and help your dad/husband out by subscribing him to a clothing box website. They’ll send him a couple of staple pieces that every guy should have in his closet every month and will be looking fresh in no time. PS – this one’s a major hit!

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