The Best Fitness Christmas Gifts

The Best Fitness Christmas Gifts

With Christmas fast approaching, you might be struggling what to get that fitness enthusiast on your list a few last-minute gifts this year. Look no further than this list and get the latest ideas in the fitness gift world to propel that person on your shopping list to his/her best self.

1: BPA-Free Water Bottlebest fitness christmas gifts

Whether it is for hydrating in the gym or sipping on throughout the day, a nice water bottle is something everyone can use. Fitness enthusiasts around the board will enjoy this gift and can use it immediately. Myprotein has some options that feature a half-gallon hydrator as well as a blender bottle with a built in straw for ease of consumption!

Price Range: $5-$30

2: Wearable Activity Trackers

There are numerous brands out there that all have their own version of an activity tracker. These are great to track how many steps you’re getting in a day, the mileage you tend to walk and even how many calories you’re able to burn in a given day. Find one that allows you to set goals and enables you track your activity online or through an app on your phone for the best results!

Price Range: $50-$250

3: Self-Myofascial Release Tools

One way to recover from some intense workouts or even just sore from over using the body is the technique of myofascial release. Releasing muscle knots or tight areas improves blood flow and overall elasticity in the muscle. Find yourself a foam roller, trigger point release cane or even just a self massage ball and kick start your body into some new growth starting with the recovery.

best fitness christmas gifts

Foam Roller: $20-$60

Trigger Point Release Cane: $15-$45

Massage Ball: $3-$12

4: GPS Tracker

For the runner in your life, this gift is something they’ll use the entire year. From keeping you on track with your time per mile to showing you new routes to take throughout the city, this tracker will have you pushing yourself beyond your limits. Like with the activity tracker, find a GPS that enables you to view your progress online or through your phone for ease of tracking.

best fitness christmas gifts

Average Price: $100-$400

5: Protein Powder

Although it may not be the most glamorous gift, your fitness buff would still love to get this for Christmas. While helping to rebuild broken-down muscle and aiding in adding lean muscle tissue, protein powder as a gift will also save them some money later on in the year if you size up and get them the big one! Look for a 1 or 2 month supply in Myprotein’s 5lb bag featuring 100 servings and the massive 11lb bag with 200 servings.

Average Price 2lb bag: $20

Average Price 5lb bag: $50

Average Price 11lb bag: $75

6: Essential Gym T-Shirt

Everybody has that t-shirt that is their favorite. Why shouldn’t you have your very own for the gym?! Get one with a little stretch to it to show off the progress in all the Instagram posts they’ll make with it on! Myprotein’s tees are a great price and come in a variety of sizes and colors, so get a couple.

best fitness christmas gifts

Average Price: $10-$30

7: Pre-Workout

Like protein powder, supplements are actually something everyone that’s into fitness is hoping for this Christmas. Whether it’s individual servings and samples to stuff in a stocking or buying in bulk, pre-workout formulas are a great gift that no one will be disappointed in. Check out MYPRE in tons of great flavors and killer deals with 30 servings per tub!

best fitness christmas gifts

Average Price: $20-$60

8: Meal Bag with Plastic Storage Containers

Anyone who’s serious about making some serious changes to their body is well aware it’s essential to prep all of your own food. But what about when you’re traveling back and forth to work or on vacation with all the temptations of eating out every meal? Keep prepping your meals and throw them into this storage back with some plastic storage containers to help keep your nutrition in check.

Average Price: $45-$90

9: Running Shoes

Who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes? Especially some new sneakers to kill some workouts and smash some runs! Bright colors are all the rage right now so opt for multi-colored shoes for an extra kick of fashion.

best fitness christmas gifts

Average Price: $80-$200

10: Protein Bars

One of the all-time best Christmas stocking stuffers is the protein bar. So quick and easy and something that’s normally a little pricier way to get your protein intake makes this a great gift! Go for those that are low in sugar and at least 20-25 grams of protein for the best bang for your buck.

best fitness christmas gifts

Average Price per bar: $1.00-$4.50


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