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The Best Creatine Supplement | Creatine AKG

What Is Creatine AKG?

Within the bodybuilding and athletic community as a whole, supplements play a large role in one performance and progression within the sport. Of the many products available for use, creatine has become one of the most recognizable names and products. If you are unfamiliar with what creatine is or what it does, its widely seen to have many benefits from increasing muscle strength and size, speeding up the recovery time for athletes and weightlifters, increasing sprinting performance amongst many, and even having the potential to help with increasing basic brain function. Creatine essentially is a source for ATP, which is a type of energy that the body uses for short bursts of power, such as sprinting during a sport like baseball or soccer.

Creatine later was modified and a Alpha-Ketoglutarate group was attached to the bond, which is said to help increase the strength and advantages offered when compared to standard creatine. Creatine Alpha-Ketoglutarate is actually seen by many as the most effective form of creatine supplementation one can take.

So what is AKG? AKG is a Krebs cycle intermediate that can enter into the muscular cells within the body to help speed up the process at which creatine is released into muscle tissue. Since it takes place during the Krebs cycle, which is the basic cycle in which cells use glucose during metabolic activity for energy for the body, it is involved in metabolism. During metabolism, AKG will help transport creatine and actually bring higher levels of creatine to the needed muscle cells. This process helps yield a higher creatine concentration within muscle cells to allow for a faster growth and recovery period, as well as offer more energy for prolonged exercise and weightlifting.

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The Benefits Of Creatine AKG

The benefits of creatine AKG are similar to that of your typical creatine supplement, as it will help enhance the body’s basic capacity to perform higher intensity work or exercise compared to its normal functioning levels. Creatine helps supply the fast twitch muscle fibers with energy which helps prolong the rate at which these fibers will become fatigued during exercise. What this end result becomes is that we are able to lift heavier weights for a greater duration of time before our body becomes too sore to continue exercising, while at the same time, speeding up the process at which these targeted and broken down fibers will be able to recover. Studies have shown that supplementing upwards of 20g of creatine per day can help speed up the time it takes to recover completely for an athlete significantly.

Creatine causes muscle cells to inflate due to the heavy absorption of water within the cells, which in turn results in a greater muscular appearance as the cells become fuller in volume. The advantage of this besides making someone appear larger, is that when the muscle cells expand in volume, it allows for these cells to be able to have a greater uptake in nutrients for protein synthesis to occur.

Another advantage that creatine-AKG offers over conventional creatine is that since creatine-AKG acts as a transporter for creatine, downgrading of creatine within the cells does not occur so that the effects of creatine within the body are far greater for those who use it when compared to the use of traditional creatine. If you are someone who doesn’t respond well to the basic effects of creatine or lacks what creatine has to offer, creatine-AKG will help by providing you with the benefits of creatine that you were unable to obtain before.

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Who Is Creatine AKG Suitable For?

So who will benefit from creatine AKG? Anyone and everyone. In simple terms, if you are a person who plays a sport or trains with weights and takes creatine currently, creatine AKG only offers you more advantages towards muscle growth and faster recovery time. However, if you are someone who has tried creatine and believes that you don’t obtain the same results from the product when compared to others, creatine AKG may help provide you with those same benefits in which creatine monophosphate offers most others. Give the product a try and see for yourself how much faster your recovery time will be and how much greater lean muscle mass tissue you can build.

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