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The Benefits of Running With Your Dog

We all need a good workout partner to push us. But it can be hard to find the right individual who is just as consistent as you are, and most importantly, who doesn’t bail on you when you’ve planned to workout together. When you think hard, there is probably one buddy of yours that you have never thought of asking to have a workout with you. Yes, we are talking about man’s (and woman’s) best friend: the ever loyal dog. There are certainly benefits to getting a run on with your canine that you probably didn’t think about before.


dog running

 1. Kill Two Birds with One Stone

As you will already be aware your dog needs to get daily exercise, but so do you! Running with your dog can save you time. Instead of you having to do your own exercise routine and then having to take your dog for a walk, you can achieve both at the same time. Doing it together gets both these things done, merging two chores in your daily routine into just one. Now you will have more time to do other things throughout the day since cardio and dog walking, or rather dog running, is done. Maybe use the time you’ve created in your day to get your meal prep right and maximize the benefit of the exercise you’ve just done!

 2. It will Push You

Dogs are animals that are used to running and roaming for long periods of time. Most dogs can run faster than humans and can go for much longer. Use this to your advantage to push yourself and to keep up with your dog’s athleticism. Don’t let them go too out of control, but keep a steady pace and continue for as long as you can go.


running with your dog


 3. Improve Your Relationship With Your Dog

It is very enjoyable snuggling with your dog and watching television, but maybe try spending time with your dog in another completely different way. Exercising brings people closer together, so why would your relationship with your dog be any different? If you notice how dogs play together, they spend a lot of time running next to each other and enjoy quick, physical movements. This is how dogs interact, so running next to your dog will imitate this experience and lead to the bond between you becoming even stronger. This should be an enjoyable and relaxing time as you take your best pal out for a run. You and your dog don’t want to be those friends that only have one thing in common, so do new things together.

 4. It’s Healthy 

Dogs are curious and naturally like to be very active. Taking your dog out for a little run can tire them out and keep them more under control for the rest of the day. They will enjoy all the sights and smells they get to experience as you run next to them. The run will help your dog and help you to become more healthy and burn those calories you’ve been consuming during the day. Going for a run will help you both become more healthy and as a result help you both relax a little more at night. It will even help you and your dog to sleep better.

 5. Cardio Is Important For you (And your dog)

Cardio has been researched and proven to be beneficial for your health and body. It is time to get up and outside to reap the many benefits of cardio. Remember, dogs are creatures made to run and lead an active lifestyle, so it’s not normal for them to remain indoors all the time. If your dog leads a highly inactive lifestyle diseases, obesity, and many joint problems are more likely to occur if dogs don’t get the exercise they need. Running makes you and your dog’s life happier and healthier.


dog running

Take Home Message

Running with your dog can be very beneficial for the both of you. Try something new and go on a run with them. These are your loyal companions, so you know you can trust them for a great workout. The best part of having this new workout buddy is that they will never bail on you, which will just bring you two closer together!

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