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Beef Up | Dorian Yates Workout

Beef Up | Dorian Yates Workout

For those of you who know who Dorian Yates is, you know that he was one of the first bodybuilders to bring in the “Monster” era in the 90’s. Up until then, bodybuilding wasn’t about size, but about aesthetics and small waists. Dorian came into the Mr. Olympia in 1994 looking like a complete mass monster.

It was the turn of the century for bodybuilding and ever since then bodybuilders have gotten bigger and more “3D” looking. Dorian had one of the best backs of any bodybuilder in history. He even has a workout named after him called the “Yates Row”, which consisted of a bent over barbell row with just a slight bend over sequence that hit mainly the lower and mid traps. This is what he became famous for.

Workout Like a Beast

To “beef up” like Dorian, it is going to take a lot of training and A LOT of food!!! Dorian used high weight with low reps to get size on, and many others have also seen results using the same kind of training. Yates used an over-emphasis of squeezing the muscle he was working. Doing so, he was able to fully engage the muscle during all of his workouts even though his training style was a little different than many others. Dorian had extremely muscular calves and a big, thick back but it didn’t come from hours of training and hundreds of sets within a workout. No, Yates’ training style consisted of only 1-2 working sets. His logic behind this training philosophy was that he was able to train with enough intensity and focus during those 1-2 working sets to fully break down the muscle without wasting lots of time with warm-up sets and excessive working sets. This enabled him to be in the gym for a shorter time, but also was able to lift multiple compound lifts each day with maximum power output through proper rest time and effort output.




Although Dorian used few sets to build just about ever muscle group, he used very high volume for his calf workouts, which is a great tool to use when hitting this type of muscle group. Smaller (slow-twitch) muscles require more volume with higher, faster reps. He used the standing calf machine, donkey raises, and the leg press to build his calves into the monster cows he was known for. Dorian would superset leg press with calf raises on his leg days and would hit up the other two calf workouts at the end of every other leg workout. Of course Dorian was very genetically gifted when it came to the calf department because his calves were inserted lower than most, which was a huge advantage.

Eat Like a Freak

The most important part of the whole process is the DIET! Dorian used a very high protein diet with high carbs as well as low fat. Carbs and Protein were the staple nutrients of any bodybuilder’s diet back in the 90s, whereas today all macros are utilized. Some of the best bang-for-your buck protein sources were things like lean ground beef, ground turkey, chicken breasts, eggs and fish. All of these were excellent sources of high protein meats that Dorian would consume throughout the day. From the carbohydrate side of the diet, Yates looked to carb sources that would give him sustained energy throughout the day and to fuel his workouts. These would include mainly the staple pieces like pasta and rice, but oatmeal reigned supreme when it came to Dorian’s day-to-day routine. Looking for a quick, cheap meal that’s high in protein and carbs and low in fat? Try some quick oats and protein powder in a shaker bottle with about 12 oz of water; it’s a down and dirty meal that’s right up the mass monster’s alley.

Top Ten Foods High in Protein

Pro bodybuilders can eat anywhere from 7 to even 10 meals a day without skipping any meals! To put on some serious size, you first need to find the minimum amount of calorie output your body produces and eat around a 500-1000 caloric surplus of this number. For those who really struggle to put on weight, try bumping up your calories every 1-2 weeks about 100 calories per week over a 12 week period to see some great weight gain results.

Bring it Home

Dorian Yates is one of the most famous bodybuilders of all time due to the fact that he brought on the mass monster era and is well remembered as one of the most genetically gifted bodybuilders. To beef up like Dorian, your diet and training need to be on point. You think Dorian ever skipped meals? I don’t think so! Train hard, emphasize compound lifts and intensity, eat properly and you will be Dorian Jr. in no time!

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