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Basketball Weight Training | Fuel Your Madness

Basketball Weight Training | Fuel Your Madness

It’s tournament time again in the world of college basketball and the student-athletes have been hard at work maintaining a well-conditioned body to sustain them throughout the season. With games starting back in October, the lengthy season can take a toll on many – especially those who aren’t serious about their conditioning.

The following workout plan will not only help you this off-season to build some strength and muscle, but can help you take your team deep into your season next year. Follow these lifts, exercises and conditioning workouts to make sure your body is battle ready.

Basketball Training Program

Monday – Full Body/Conditioning

Start your week off with a challenge by dominating this full-body workout that will include everything from some heavy bench work to walking lunges that will build strong legs for a great base.  Focus more on keeping your form right rather than trying to put as many plates on the bar as possible. Besides, the last thing you want to do is get injured in the weight room; the gym should be the place you go to help prevent injury.

1A. Flat Bench Press w/ Chains- 4 x 5 (3-second negatives)

1B. Shoulder 3-Way Raises- 4 x 10 (Front/Lateral/Rear)

2A. Weighted Chin-Ups- 3 x 6

2B. DB Curl to Shoulder Press- 3 x 10 each arm

2C. Dips for Triceps- 3 x 10

3A. Walking Weighted Lunges- 3 x 15 each leg

3B. Turkish Get-Ups- 3 x5 each side

3C. Explosive Push-Ups- 3 x 10


? Suicides

? Down & Backs under 8 seconds

? Kentucky Passing Drill

? Miken Drill

? Defensive Slides

how to properly bench press

Wednesday – Full Body (Posterior Chain/Shoulders Focus)

Part of being a big-time player is having a big-time physique. Building some boulder shoulders and a great posterior chain will help with explosiveness and rebounding ability to be able to be strong with the ball in your hands when it matters most.

1A. Clean and Press- 4 x 5

1B. Stiff-Legged Deadlifts- 4 x 10

2A. 1-Arm Shoulder Press- 4 x 8 each side

2B. Pull-Ups- 4 x 5

2C. Renegade Dumbbell Rows- 4 x 8 each side

3A. Pendlay Rows- 3 x 8

3B. Explosive Leg Press- 3 x 5 each side

3C.  Snatch Grip Squat Jumps- 3 x 5

3D. Standing Broad Jumps- 3 x 5

Conditioning: (same routine)

pull up

Friday – Full Body (Leg Focus)

Use this Friday workout to blow up your legs and build some strength and power in your lower body. Basketball relies heavily on your legs and lower body strength from the constant running and jumping to being able to stay with a player driving the lane or being able to back down a lesser defender. Building explosive legs is crucial to allowing yourself to be the best basketball player you can be and lead your team throughout the end of season tournament.

1A. 1 ¼ rep Squats- 4 x 8

1B. Overhead Weighted Lunges- 4 x 10 each leg

2A. Snatches- 3 x 5

2B. Sumo Squats- 3 x 15

2C. Box Jumps- 3 x 8

3A. Cycle Jumps- 3 x 10 each leg

3B. Deadlifts- 3 x 5 (for speed)

3C. Sprints- 3 x 20 yards

Conditioning: (same routine)

strongest deadlift

Tuesday/Thursday – Rest/Recovery/Conditioning/Stretching

Rest days will be few and far between it will seem when you’re hitting the weight room and gym for conditioning almost every day. But don’t let these rest days fool you. They’re not for taking a break completely from your goals and allowing your progress to stall. Use these off days from the weight room to fully recuperate your overworked muscles and catch up some extra conditioning and film room sessions.

Ever hear of some of the best athletes in the NBA who’ve taken up yoga? Yeah, those are the freakiest athletes and also those who tend to avoid injury in the long run. Being strong, fast and agile is a big part of leading your team deep within The Big Dance, but being able to have control of your body and functionally fit enough to keep you mobile throughout the season and for many years to come. Performing yoga 3-5 times per week will not only keep you limber for the season, but will help you become a much better overall athlete.

Icing has long been a debatable issue when used to treat muscle soreness. Although some big-time strength and conditioning coaches don’t think it’s very effective, many stick to icing after practices and heavy conditioning to help reduce inflammation and speed up recovery.

basketball training program

Take Home Message

As you can see, the work and time you must commit to becoming a top-tier player is strenuous. But to be the best and lead your team to a place where it may have never been before, you have to be willing to outwork every other person in the country. Use these workouts and training tips as a tool to get you (and your teammates) ready for the next season and ready to make a run at greatness.

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