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The Basic Laws of Personal Transformation

The Basic Laws of Personal Transformation

These laws of personal transformation relate to some of the most basic principles that can apply to anyone in any fitness industry or even in life in general.

These are some of the most basic ideas but are the most important factors that play a role in what we do, how well we do something, and what kind of results we will obtain when we do reach our goal in the end. Although each of these ideas is a very simplistic idea, it’s all that is truly required for you to become a better you and reach that physique you have been working very hard, day in and day out for, yet you haven’t reached that goal yet.

If you follow these basic principles, you will not only reach your goal in the end, but it will also be a lot easier to reach it along the journey, plus you will be much more satisfied with your results and the amount of effort you put into yourself.

Create A Vision for Your Personal Transformation

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Create a vision of what you are wanting to reach, then split it up into smaller goals. When we set smaller, easier to reach goals, we stay with our course of intention and have an increased chance of reaching our final end desired result.

The plan won’t come together overnight, but give it time and reach the small goals, and it will come together sooner than expected.

Eliminate Excuses

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Stop creating an excuse to do something. Somewhere in the world right now, someone in a much worse condition than you, who has less ability to perform actions as you do, is currently making the best of their situation and is ahead of you towards reaching their goal.

Stop making an excuse for any negative factors in your life and create positive reinforcement for your actions that help you reach your goal. Will the taste of that cookie taste so great for the next few minutes and be worth more than the amazing body you can achieve in the end without the cookie?

Surround Yourself with Positive People

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We have all heard this time and time before. The more positive influences you have in your life, the more positive your attitude in general is going to be. Negative people will do nothing but hold you back from your goal and make the end results require more time to reach.

Time is the most valuable aspect in goal setting, and any wasted time is a huge hindrance in goal setting and reaching your set idea of what you want to become. Use your time wisely. We cannot earn time, we are given it, so make the best use of it as you can.

Create Healthy Habits

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In order to become healthy, you have to have healthy habits. You can’t become healthy by sitting on the couch hours a day while eating pizza and ice cream, day after day.

Instead, make healthier, smaller choices. Take the stairs instead of an elevator. Walk to the store that’s down the road instead of driving. Ride your bicycle to work instead of driving if it’s in range. Having healthy habits creates a healthier mindset and enables you to be more positive about reaching your goal.

Work Hard and Be Consistent

No matter what you ever try to do. No matter what goals you have. You will not reach your goals if you do not put forth the required effort and make the time. If you just do the minimum each day, you won’t reach your goal. You have to be willing to go the extra mile and push yourself beyond your normal performance in order to properly achieve what your mind sets out to reach.

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If you wake up with a goal and a dream to reach a certain physique, but you don’t want to do the required cardio or eat the healthier food for the required time, how will you ever truly reach what you desire? If you don’t put 100% effort into your goals, why did you set out on the idea in the first place? You wouldn’t play a sports event with the mindset of winning but only wanting to sit on the sidelines the entire time would you?

Will you truly succeed if you don’t give it your 100% effort and attitude? Most likely not. So instead of saying maybe tomorrow, try making small improvements and adjustments to your routine to make daily and in time your goal will not be out of reach. Within time you’ll be a step closer to reaching your ideal physique or hitting a new PR in the gym or your sport.

Take-Home Message

These are just the 5 basic principles I strongly believe in that anyone must follow to be successful in anything in life. Not just in the gym. But in any other aspect in your life that you have a goal to reach. Be positive about your goals and everything else in your life. Don’t let the negative factors have an impact in your dreams.



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