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How To Avoid Christmas Weight Gain

Everybody loves the holidays, you get to go home, see the family, eat some great food and generally relax…well that’s the idea. For gym enthusiasts, it can cause serious anxiety stressing over what gym they can get to for the week, how they will be able to eat their usual amount of food, how healthy they can keep their eating habits and how they are going to lose the extra 10 lbs they gain on the big day itself.

Don’t worry I have some helpful tips to keep your gym gains and minimize your Christmas pudding gains this year.

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What Do You Need To Do?

 1. Continue to wake up early

A few days of rest isn’t the worst thing but when you get into a habit of sleeping in you can also get into the habit of staying up and staying up usually means needless calories either from late night cravings or late night drinks. By all means, enjoy a night or two, but don’t change your sleeping pattern, your body will thank you.

 2. Do the best with what you have

Find a gym, it may not be perfect, it will probably be closed certain days, but do your best to find somewhere to continue your fitness journey. That being said, if you can’t find one then commit to something else for your trip.

I personally like powerlifting with bodybuilding days mixed in, weights and as little cardio as I can get away with. When I am faced with no gym I find somewhere outdoors where I can continue to challenge myself, I run, I do a bodyweight beach workout, I do walking lunges or I do abs in the house. I don’t envision running marathons, but I do want to do something to get my heart rate up, make me sweat and make me feel better about missing the gym.

the ultimate Christmas fitness gift guide

 3. Get family involved

Some people have very healthy fit families and some do not. Whatever the case may be you can help them get active during this holiday break and they can keep you accountable too.

My sister two Christmas’ ago wanted to go running, last Christmas my brother and his wife wanted to do some HIIT sprints on the beach, in both instances I had a gym and went beforehand, but it’s the same principle, I wasn’t going to let them do it themselves or lose the motivation because I had already done something else, I wanted to be there helping them, benefiting myself and having fun doing something different.

Find someone in your family who wants to better themselves or even just prevent their overindulgence from affecting how they are now. It’s great to come back and eat your Christmas dinner feeling like you already worked for it as well.

 4. Stick to your game plan

There are set times at Christmas where you will eat bad things, you will have drinks and that’s fine but when you can try and stick to your healthy staple meals that serve you well the rest of the year. Limit bad choices when you have control and limit the amount of needless overeating/drinking.

We’ve all been there, it’s late, the party is over, you are about to go to bed, but you’ll have one more drink, switch that last drink for a water and if you’re hungry grab a Micellar Casein shakes before bed.

 5. Travel with supplements

Now before you think this is a crazy one hear me out. I currently use 10 different Myprotein supplements and I will not be travelling home with all of them for Christmas, however, I will be taking the vital ones as I see them.

I will be taking BCAAs and Impact Whey Protein with me, and I will definitely have some MYPRE in my bag too. In situations where I need a snack, a shake or protein oats are a lifesaver for me, when I need to rehydrate and recover or if I’m doing cardio (especially fasted) I need BCAA’s and some days there is no way I’m putting in a good session without some pre-workout to get me moving. These to me are essentials and you should make sure you have yours with you as well.

If you’re only going away for a few days you could save some space in your luggage by putting your powders in a Myprotein Power Tower for added convenience on the go.


Take Home Message

So there you are, a quick plan of how to survive Christmas, make the most of your break, but keep on track for your goals. I won’t be taking a day off from pursuing my goals this holiday season and I hope I’ve inspired you to do the same.

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