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Athlete Motivation | 5 Tips For Running Motivation

Athlete Motivation | 5 Tips For Running Motivation

Athletics, could we ever imagine a world without it? I believe the answer is no! Athletes inspire others and become role models for our younger generation of athletes. Many spectators or fans probably wonder where the athletes get their motivation from. I’m not sure how it is for all sports, but having been a former college runner, I know how I can relate. When you grow up doing a sport you like, it tends to stick with you for the rest of your life.

After my days of college running were over, I still wanted to compete as an unattached runner and further my knowledge of running. So I became a graduate assistant for a University in the State of Mississippi. I want to share with you what motivates myself and others to run.


Athlete Motivation


Motivation for Running

 You will run into many people who ask runners “why do you like running?”. Well its simple.

 1. It’s a stress reliever, you would never imagine how much better you feel after going out for a thirty minute jog. Running is a way to get things off your mind and to focus on your surroundings. So if you ever get stuck or cannot figure something out go for a short jog.

Just like people do meditation or yoga to relieve stress, running will do the same. You don’t even have to be the best runner in the world to go out for a run. All that matters is that you’re getting up off the couch to run and clear you mind.

 2. You’ll build relationships with people who enjoy the same thing.

Whether, you’re an athlete, competing within a team, or someone who just likes to run, you’ll build friendships and connect with people on a different level. It can really help to have a running partner who can motivate you and you can also help to motivate them.

 3. You can set yourself goals. As an athlete you’re continuously making goals, in preparation for up and coming competitions. You’ll be setting goals not just for the week, but for the whole athletics season, so you have something clear to strive towards.

When making goals for yourself it is important to write them down. Having a running journal or log is a really awesome idea. That way you can keep track of what you’ve eaten, the work outs you’ve done and how much sleep you’re getting. Always set clear and achievable goals, which you can have a look at everyday to keep yourself motivated and ready for that next run!

 4. Be competitive. Try before every run to get pumped up and go in with the attitude that you’re in a race and ready to give it your all. This will be far more rewarding in the long term and you’ll get much more out of the exercise you do. Set your goals and try to beat them. A good way to do this is to time all your runs, then you can easily track your progress, and try to beat the time of your last run! This will also help you to develop a real passion for the sport.

5. Becoming more healthy and getting in better shape. When you see the results and improvements you’re making by being more active you’ll want to exercise more and more. You’ll becoming mentally and physically dedicated to exercising. Mentally it’s important to tell yourself you can do it and being able to say ‘no’ to the bad dietary choices, or when you don’t feel like going for a run. You’ll start to look good, and feel good.


athlete motivation


Take Home Message

I’ve listed just  a few things that help motivate us runners in general. If you don’t like running I encourage you to try it! I hope some of the things I’ve mentioned can motivate you to run, or maybe some of you can relate to them. Let me know what motivates you to run and exercise in the comments below!


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