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Featured Gym – Armbrust Pro Gym

Featured Gym – Armbrust Pro Gym

This month we go to Colorado to visit Armbrust Pro Gym and speak to co-owner Brian Leben. Armbrust Pro Gym owners, Dylan and Heather have managed to create a full old school gym atmosphere. At Armbrust you feel you’re training in the old school gyms featured in Pumping Iron, adding in the benefits of having modern and innovative gym equipment.

Besides, if you’re lucky enough you might even catch a glimpse of the 3 time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath. This alone is a strong reason to pay a visit to Armbrust Pro Gym. We invite you to follow us in this interview and get to know the gym better.

Can you please tell us a little bit about your gym history?

Armbrust Pro Gym was founded in 2008 by Dylan Armbrust as a pseudo-takeover of a distressed gym (formerly Colorado Pro Gym and Harry’s Gym). Dylan took a huge risk and an enormous investment of time and energy to grow the gym from a dismal 200 (approximately) members to its present state.

Armbrust slowly became a staple for anyone serious about the competition world in Colorado, catering to bodybuilders, fitness competitors, strong men, power-lifters, and those who put a premium on a collection of truly professional grade equipment that can be found nowhere else.

Brian Leben Co Owner007

What kind of services/classes do you have available?

Armbrust is a throw-back style, hardcore, weight training gym that is very equipment intensive. The equipment is hand selected and purchased outright, contradictory to many gym approaches of leasing lines of equipment from certain manufacturers in order to keep costs low. Great equipment is the cornerstone of all great gyms, and ours is one of the very best in the entire world.

In addition we have a large variety of cardio equipment, Olympic style weight training equipment, strong man equipment, a large outdoor training area, a multi-purpose room that facilitates weekly posing classes, fitwall classes, high intensity group training classes, spin, yoga, and daycare.

New for 2014. We recently purchased the building and property at our current location, and are in the process of implementing an expansion of synergistic business’ inclusive to our fully integrated “one-stop-shop” philosophy on fitness, health, and welfare. In addition to our existing on site supplement and apparel shop, we are subletting space to a full service organic meal preparation company called Body Fuel.

Also we are building out a space for Dr. Ben Cowan of Action Spine & Sports Medicine, who will offer an array of rehabilitative services, athletic training, and chiropractic treatment. Lastly, later in the year we hope to have a fully operation Trim Nutrition franchise on site.

armbrust pro gym

Why do you consider exercising an essential part of anybody’s life?

Fitness is truly the fountain of youth. Human beings on a very basic cellular level are designed to do work, and in a society that has essentially removed that component as a necessity for life, we as individuals need to make a choice to embrace exercise and fitness as the cornerstone of our health and wellbeing.

What would you say to those people who currently aren’t motivated to exercise but are already aware of the benefits?

Exercise and fitness are a philosophy on life that is ongoing. There are no quick fixes, there are only investments in one’s self. It is important to surround yourself with people who are on that same path of a healthy lifestyle, and soon those lifestyle traits become engrained and no longer require motivation, they’re inherent.

Dylan Armbrust Co owner

Why would you recommend Myprotein to people?

Supplements have to meet 2 specific criteria for us to endorse them and ultimately sell them in our store: quality and value. We only carry products and supplements that we personally endorse, meaning we don’t take product quality lightly.

Myprotein is at a unique stage in their integration into the United States that allows for us to sell a very high quality product at an extremely valuable price point. It also offers some very unique and popular flavor varieties that other product lines do not provide.

sampling day

How many members?

We just crested an all-time high member count exceeding 1500 total members. We expect to broach 2000 members in the next 2 years, at which time we will be looking at further expansion of our existing locations as well as new corporate and franchised locations.



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