The Masters 2017 | It’s A Fairway To…

The Masters 2017 | It’s A Fairway To…

The Masters 2017 is upon us! Golf’s most prestigious competition is finally back, teeing off on April 6th and finishing 4 days later. I’m sure we can all remember the excitement of last year and how Jordan Spieth suffered one of the worse collapses in Masters history, making way for Myprotein ambassador Danny Willett to win his first major championship and the famous green jacket. One thing is for sure, this one is worth watching. Check out our infographic below.

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The Masters Winners

Danny Willett’s victory last year meant he became the first Briton since Nick Faldo in 1996 to win the championship. It certainly was a shock win for the Sheffield born Englishmen, but he’s still got a way to go to catch up with the likes of Jack Nicklaus with 6 championships, Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods, both with 4 championships.

Total Wins by Country


USA – 59 Wales – 1
South Africa – 4 Fiji – 1
England – 4 Canada – 1
Spain – 4 Argentina – 1
Germany – 2 Australia – 1
Scotland – 1


Average Age of Masters Winners

When Danny Willett won the Masters last year he was 28 years old, 4.5 years younger than the average age of the winners, which stands at 32.5 years. The youngest winner of the coveted green jacket was Tiger Woods, who won it at the age of just 21 years and 3 months. Jordan Spieth is the second youngest winner, aged 21 years and 8 months.

At the opposite end of the age scale, the oldest winner of the championship was Jack Nicklaus who was aged 46 years when he won his last Masters in 1986.

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It’s A Fairway To…The White House

Ahead of this years championship we have had a look into some interesting stats and facts to see how many shots it would take to reach some of our country’s most recognized monuments. The two biggest hitters on the tour are Rory McIlroy and Bubba Watson.

So, how many shots do you think it would take Rory and Bubba to reach the lawn of the White House if they teed off from Hole 1, Tea Olive, at Augusta?

That’s a distance of 465 miles and if both players were driving at their maximum capacity then it would take Rory 1,877 shots and Bubba 1,930 shots. It would take fellow big hitter Dustin Johnson around 300 shots more to achieve the same feat!

Let’s head up the East Coast and take the Statue of Liberty as our next point of reference. The distance increases to 662 miles, meaning it would now take Bubba 2,748 shots and Rory 2,672. Yellowstone National Park is an even greater distance, at 1,698 miles meaning it would take Rory 6,854 shots and Bubba 7,048.

If Rory attempted to drive the ball from Augusta to Danny Willett’s home in Sheffield, England, it would take him 16,643 shots to cover the distance!

masters 2017

Augusta Golf Stats


Total Length of Course 7,435 yards
Total holes in one since 1934 27
Lowest single round 63 (Nick Price, 1986 and Greg Norman, 1996)
Highest single round 95 (Charles Kunkle, 1956)
Lowest total 4 rounds 270 (Tiger Woods, 1997 and Jordan Spieth, 2015)



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