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5 Ways To Fast Muscle Recovery

5 Ways To Fast Muscle Recovery

We all suffer some delayed onset muscle soreness, often shortened to DOMS, from lifting weights or some tightness from extended bouts of cardio.

Therefore it is important that we do everything we can to recover as quickly as we can so we can do it all over again. We also don’t want to be walking around like an extra from the Walking Dead all week.

Here are 5 easy ways to maximize your recovery.

Sore Muscle Recovery Tips

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Static stretching has been dying out amongst fitness professionals. As a pre-workout it has been discouraged in favor of a more dynamic routine, however there is no better end to a workout than some good static stretches.

You loosen any tight areas you have from your session, you improve your overall flexibility which gives you greater range in all of your movements and you push lactic acid around in the muscle to help it flush out quicker.


A great way to recover fast is to always have your supplements on hand after a workout.

BCAAs during and after will increase protein synthesis which will repair your muscles faster after you have broken them down. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body and aids the body in overall recovery.

During exercise levels of glutamine in the plasma varies so by replenishing these levels immediately after you increase overall cell volume and it reduces inflammation of muscle fibers.


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Feeding the body after exercise is a fantastic way to reduce soreness.

The muscles need fuel in order to repair themselves so giving your body a quality meal or shake directly after working out is important to the recovery of the body. Without proper fuel the body can become catabolic and break down muscle tissue in order to feed itself.

This is the last thing you want after spending so much time in the gym building up that muscle mass.


Foam rollers are an inexpensive piece of equipment that can make your life a lot better. You can roll out your entire body, pushing the lactic acid build up around helping it dissolve quicker and leave your muscles feeling refreshed.

A warning on this one, if you have hit a muscle group hard and then roll it out it is going to hurt, but a few minutes after your session is a lot better than hurting for a week. Make sure you seek the correct instruction on how to use the roller.

Either by being shown by someone at your gym, on a Youtube tutorial or one of our articles on the site so you are educated on how to effectively use the roller.


The body repairs itself much faster when you are asleep, it can focus all of its efforts on the areas you have damaged during your workout. This makes getting adequate sleep a high priority, many bodybuilders will take naps whenever they can to optimize their recovery.

Remember These Tips For Fast Recovery

These 5 steps will give you a tremendous boost in your efforts to be recovered and ready to hit that next workout. We have all dealt with those days where we have a lack of motivation or are struggling to get out of bed and when you are sore it is so much easier to rationalize that you need a rest day and you’ll feel better tomorrow.

If you stay on top of your recovery game you will be much less likely to fall victim to skipping sessions and the less you skip the more you will see results.  Make sure you follow each one and get maximum benefit so you can continue to improve.
MyProtein has a range of flavors of BCAAs and unflavored glutamine to mix in as well as foam rollers on the site. Pick them up today and boost your recovery and results today.


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