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30-Minute Workout Routine for Ultimate Results

30-Minute Workout Routine for Ultimate Results

Only have a short amount of time and just not knowing what to do in the gym? Look no further than this 30 minute workout routine and the concept of time frame training. Time frame training takes just a couple exercises and makes you push yourself to the absolute muscular and cardiovascular limits. Burning fat and building muscle in only30 minutes is possible – just be willing to put in the effort and you’ll reap the benefits!

What is Time Frame Training?

This style of working out is just another way to shock your central nervous system and your entire body into new growth. The theory behind the pain is that you pick one exercise and perform that movement for a certain amount of allotted time, trying to take as few breaks as possible. Not only will this trigger new muscle growth but it will torch fat like a furnace. Using time frame training is a great additive toward the end of a workout to really pump the muscle or is great on its own like we’ll go over today.

The Workout

Exercise #1: Deadlifts

Deadlifts are one of the ultimate full-body exercises for burning fat, building muscle and correcting posture. Doing 5 reps of deadlifts might sound alright to you, but wait until you try doing them for 5 minutes straight. It’s going to be tough, so hit it with bad intentions.

30 minute workout routine


  • Load the bar with about 25% of your one-rep max and take on conventional deadlift grip

  • Engage the lats and pull with the hips and legs, keeping the back as straight as possible

  • Lower the weight back to the ground, but not letting it bounce at the bottom (that’s cheating!)

  • Keep the tempo as consistent as possible and relatively quick but still under control


Sets and Reps: 1 continuous set for 5 minutes (1 min rest)

Top Tip: These will get rough after the few first minutes but push through. The lower back might get tight so using a belt for support and using straps for your grip will help you get the reps.

Exercise #2: Split Jerks

A great alternative for push press or military press is the shoulder split jerk. Because you take a wider grip, it puts the shoulders in an ideal position at the top of the movement within the scapula plane. By using the split jerk movement, it will also work on explosiveness as well as leg development when catching the weight. Try this and get your upper body working.

30 minute workout routine

  • Load bar with about 25% of your one-rep max and use a conventional snatch grip

  • Un-rack the bar onto your shoulders and take a few steps back from the rack.

  • Push the weight straight overhead and jump under the bar with feet split apart, one in front and one in back, both slightly bent

  • Slowly lower the weight back down and repeat with opposite legs forward and behind


Sets and Reps: 1 continuous set for 5 minutes (1 min rest)

Top Tip: Reaching failure on this exercise might come quicker than you think. Using a spotter to make sure weight is always racked and un-racked properly while resting is always a good idea.

30 minute workout routineExercise #3: Bodyweight Squats

With the high volume of Olympic lifts already performed, switching to a bodyweight exercise will help with fatigue while still smashing it. The bodyweight squat is no joke though. Make it hard on yourself and go all the way down to the ground and all the way up. Your quads, glutes and hamstrings will hate you, but you’ll love the results.

  • Take a normal shoulder-width stance and squat down with hands out in front

  • Return to the top with hands by your side by pushing through your heels and flexing the quads at the peak of the movement


Sets and Reps: 1 continuous set for 5 minutes (1 min rest)

Top Tip: Your quads will be screaming after the first minute- use some rest intervals to get in as many reps as possible. Try aiming for say 50 straight reps and then take a 10 second break. Only you know how hard you can push yourself.

Exercise #4: Pull-ups

The ultimate muscle-building back exercise just got a whole lot harder. No 4 sets of 10 reps here – you are going to be doing pull-ups till you can’t do anymore – and then do some more. Keep the form tight but if you cannot do anymore, try doing them assisted with a partner holding your legs or even trying a different variation like kipping pull-ups.

30 minute workout routine

  • Start movement with hands as wide as possible to work on your lat width and while your strength is still at its peak

  • Squeeze the scapula together and pull your chest to bar using your rhomboids, lats and lower traps to pull up

  • Slowly lower yourself back down to starting position and repeat


Sets and Reps: 1 continuous set for 5 minutes (1 min rest)

Top Tip: You might find yourself failing quickly with the wide grip. Move your hands in closer together or use a reverse grip to help you get some extra repetitions. To use the kipping pull-up method, your hips and lower body will help get your chin up to the bar and take some of the tension of your lats.

Exercise #5: Push-ups

One of the most underused exercises to build the chest as well as the shoulders is the push-up. Although you’re not pressing 225 on a bench, this bodyweight exercise (when done correctly) will absolutely blitz your chest. Try different variations such as decline push-ups with your feet up on a bench and also moving your hands closer together and further apart to work different areas of the chest.

30 minute workout routine

  • To start with, place hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart and in a full plank position

  • By squeezing the scapula together, lower your chest to the ground and press back up

  • Do a couple slowly to get the form down then go as fast as possible while remaining under control


Sets and Reps: 1 continuous set for 5 minutes (1 minute cool-down at end)

Top Tip: If the regular push-ups become too much too handle, try going down to your knees to take some of the weight off your upper body. Most important thing is to keep moving during the whole of the 5 minutes.

Take-Home Message

This workout will be one of the most physically and mentally taxing that you may ever do. Things like making sure your nutrition and supplementation are on point will aid in better performance. Make sure you’ve got a meal in you that’s digested, down some MYPRE and get your stopwatch ready because this workout is going to be intense!

Tyler Stark

Tyler Stark

Writer and expert

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