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3 Shoulder Exercises For Boulder Shoulders

3 Shoulder Exercises For Boulder Shoulders

Nothing makes a physique stand out more than strong, wide, and rounded shoulders. Neglecting this important body part can limit you in your strength, your build, and your shoulder health.

Creating a pair of 3D shoulders will just aid in your overall progress of perfecting your body and staying healthy.

In general, who doesn’t want huge shoulder boulders? In this article, we give you 3 shoulder exercises to turn those shoulders into massive boulders.

#1 Military Press

military press shoulder exercises for mass

The military press is one of the most important and effective shoulder exercises to increase size and strength. This exercise can be performed standing or sitting for whichever you desire.

Let’s go over the steps to performing a flawless military press.

a) Find a comfortable grip not too wide or narrow and rest the bar right above your chest.

b) Keep your elbows tucked in and feel the weight resting.

c) Drive the barbell straight up.

d) Push your head through the movement so the bar ends up behind your head with locked arms.

e) Hold for a second and then bring the bar back down and return to the starting position.


– Keep your elbows in and do not flare them.

– If doing them standing, make sure your core and lower body are as tight as possible with your chest out. Last thing you want to do is hurt your lower back.

#2 Dumbbell Lateral Raises

dumbbell lateral raise

Lateral raises are a fundamental exercise for building your shoulders. There is a reason why countless programs include this very valuable lift.

Performing lateral raises is a great way to sculpt your delts and really help them pop.

People do lateral raises with dumbbells, cables, and also kettlebells while incorporating either both arms simultaneously or single arms individually. To do a standard dumbbell lateral raise:

a) Hold a dumbbell in each hand by your sides with palms facing inwards.

b) Make sure your arms are relatively straight with a slight bend in the elbows.

c) Lift your arms straight up from your sides till about perpendicular.

d) Squeeze your delts then lower slowly to the regular position.


– Going heavy in general is great to add size and fatigue your muscles, but for this lift you really want to focus on contraction and lowering the weights. Try to go as heavy as you can with minimal swing.

– Try not to bend your elbows too much and letting your front delts do the work.

#3 Barbell Upright Row


upright rowAdding upright rows to your workouts is crucial because of the variety of muscles it hits in your shoulders.

With hitting your traps and deltoids, including this efficient movement will add to your shoulder size.

We will go over the basic barbell upright row, but once mastered, individuals can experiment with wideness or closeness of grips as well as equipment to use.

Here are some tips to perform a standard and efficient barbell upright row.

a) Grab the barbell with an overhand grip that is a little less than your shoulder width. You do not want to hold the bar to narrow or too wide.

b) Raise the bar straight up by leading with your elbows.

c) Squeeze your traps and delts at the top of the lift and lower to the starting position.


– As you lift the barbell up, your wrist should never pass your elbows. Keep your elbows high which will help isolate your shoulders while also saving your wrist from injury.

– Make sure to squeeze at the top to really make this lift most effective.

Take Home Message

Adding these 3 exercises to your routine will most definitely help you sculpt the shoulders of your dreams. Normally performing these for 8-12 reps with 4 sets is sufficient to achieve growth.

Using drop sets and really fatiguing the muscle will extremely help you beneficent in the long run as well. Try them out, use different sets and rep ranges, and most importantly, use them in a variety of ways.

If you did upright rows with barbells for the last month, then try it with dumbbells. Staying innovative with these fundamental lifts are the key to growth and achieving well rounded shoulders.

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