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3 Day A Week Workout | Limited Time, Maximum Gains

If you’re one that struggles to find time to carve out of your week due to business (or lack of motivation) to exercise, keep in mind that all you need is 3 days a week! Although you may not yield quite the results as if you were devoting 5-6 days of exercise, you can still get in incredible shape with a Monday/Wednesday/Friday approach to your routine. And since you’re not going to be hitting the gym and weights every day of the week, following a full-body routine each day will help you to yield maximum results with your limited amount of time. These days are not for messing around or talking to buddies in the gym, so get in there, smash the workouts and get out- no time for small talk!


Full-Body with Leg Emphasis

For the first day of the week, this full-body workout will be taxing on the entire body, but especially throughout the leg portion. The reason being the extra amount of calories you probably consumed throughout the weekend need to be put to good use and be burned off. So what better way to burn off those extra calories than by hitting some squats?

Since emphasis is on legs in this full-body workout, we’ll start by hitting some heavy compound movements for the legs then move onto some upper body work, followed by a finisher set for the legs. Approaching a leg day in this manner will help you take your mind off the fact that you’re doing legs on a Monday because of the other upper body work and allow you to push yourself that much more.

1A. Squats – 4 x 10

1B. Barbell Lunges – 4 x 10 each leg

2A. Dumbbell Bench Press – 3 x 10

2B. Pull-ups – 3 x 10

2C. Dumbbell  Shoulder Press – 3 x 10

3A. Dumbbell Curls – 3 x10

3B. Barebell Skullcrushes – 3 x 10

4A. Bodyweight Squats (1 x as many as possible in 3 minutes)

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Full-Body with Pull Emphasis

You’ve had a full day of rest and recovery and hopefully you’ve done some stretching to alleviate some soreness, especially in the legs. This full-body workout will have a “pull” emphasis meaning the back, biceps and rear delts will be the focus throughout the entirety of the workout.

Hitting these muscles harder and earlier on within the week will help balance out the typical rolled forward shoulders from an overactive chest and front deltoid. Use this workout to not only build a big barn door back and bulging biceps, but to correct posture throughout your everyday life as well.

1A. Penlay Rows – 4 x 10

1B. Chin-ups – 4 x 8

2A. Straight Legged Deadlifts (1 leg) – 3 x 10 each leg

2B. Rear Delt Fly’s – 3 x 15

2C. Banded Barbell Bench Press- 3 x 8

3A. Dumbbell Pullovers – 3 x 10

3B. Face Pulls – 3 x 15

3C. Barbell Curls – 3 x 21 (7 half up/7 half down/7 all the way up)

4A. Weighted Crunches – 5 x 25

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Full-Body with Push Emphasis

With the posterior portion of the body completely annihilated and legs still sore from the previous 2 workouts, it’s time to finish the week strong with push emphasis work. Yes, we’ll hit some of the previous body parts, but we’ll really focus on the chest, shoulders and triceps throughout this workout. And who doesn’t want to hit some of the major mirror muscle on Friday right before you head into the weekend?

Work on and focus on keeping your form in check and just as tight as it would be on a Monday. I know your body might be tired and beaten, but you’ll have two rest days in the weekend before starting battle again. Make Friday’s push-emphasis full-body workout count and watch your body grow before your own eyes.

1A. Dumbbell 1-arm Bench Press – 4 x 8

1B. Dumbbell Hang Snatches – 4 x 8 on each arm

1C. Banded Face Pulls – 4 x 15

2A. Rack Pulls – 4 x 8

2B. Squat Jumps/Lunge Jumps – 4 x 8 (alternate each set)

3A. Dumbbell Fly’s – 3 x 15

3B. Side Lateral Raises – 3 x 15

3C. Triceps Push downs – 3 x 20

the finisher

Take Home

As you can see, working out 3 days a week can be done and it can be quite beneficial when planned correctly. You don’t want to focus on one body part each workout due to the limited amount of time you’ll have throughout the week to hit each muscle group. By hitting each muscle group multiple times throughout the week in smaller volume workouts, you’ll be able to get into incredible shape by just carving out gym time for 3 days per week!

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