The 10 Most Annoying People You’ll Find In A Gym!

The 10 Most Annoying People You’ll Find In A Gym!

Although most people who go to the gym regularly usually keep to themselves and don’t cause a scene to the rest of the members in the gym, sometimes you will see or hear someone in the gym who creates a scene that makes everyone pause and stare in shock or disbelief in their hectic actions. Of all of the problems I have had with people associated with the gym, here are the worst I have came across in the last few years.

The Roid Heads

Although many people who use steroids often keep to themselves and don’t try to create a scene in the gym, these particular few are found in every weight room across the globe. These are the select few who will always be spotted next to the weight racks and never near any cardio equipment. When they lift weights they are usually yell and grunt at extremely loud tendencies that makes everyone stare in disbelief. They are usually extremely sweaty and covered in acne which also leads many gym goers to see them in complete disgust.

The Grunter/Screamer

annoying people in gym

It seems like when you enter any gym around the world, you will always run into the one many who seems to be competing for the next American Idol competition. Many people believe that because you are lifting heavy weight, it is perfectly okay and acceptable to be screaming while pushing the weight because you are struggling. However, and although this entire group is almost males, it is completely unnecessary to be grunting loudly and screaming while pushing any amount of weight. This is extremely obnoxious when the weight you are screaming with is extremely light and someone else in the gym is pushing the same amount of weight, if not more next to you, and is doing so without uttering a sound.

The Kim Kardashians

If you are going to the gym ladies, go there to workout, sweat and leave. Do not think that men will find it attractive for you to go to the gym, a place that is designed for people to become sweaty and nasty, wearing a large amount of non-exercise clothing to workout in. Many see this as lunacy. Also, please avoid from wearing any scented perfumes while you workout. When you sweat while wearing perfume, the stench is unbearable and is considered one of the grossest things to encounter in the gym by many.

The Locker Room Ass

These men – and I say men because I’ve only been in the male changing room, for obvious reasons – are the ones that when in the locker room, walk to and from the shower without a towel around themselves. These select few individuals also believe that since everyone in the locker room has the same body parts, it is perfectly fine to exercise his right to allow his body to be free and open for all to see. These men are usually of the older generations with wrinkly skin and high amounts of body fat. Just because we all have the same body parts, doesn’t mean that the younger generations of males want to walk into the locker room to be surrounded by a couple of older males completely naked. If you are of these naked few, please don’t try to start a conversation with any member in the locker room until you get dressed and its more appropriate.

The Experts

annoying people in gym

Usually when you begin to see results, many others in the gym will begin to give you free advice on what you could possibly do to adjust your workouts to achieve the maximum benefits. This I have never understood and never will. If I wanted your opinion on something, I would have asked you in the first place. This is worse when the person who is correcting you on form or your physique has only been lifting weights for a shorter period of time compared to you, and the body part/region they are giving you advice on, they are lacking greatly themselves. Instead of giving me advice or your opinion, stay away from me and let me finish my workout in peace.

The Go-Getters

These select few, and almost 99% of them are males, are the ones who when in the gym, are trying to ask someone out on a date while they are in the middle of working out. For those who are guilty of this, understand that the gym is a place to exercise. It isn’t a bar or a club that is considered a social gathering spot. Keep to yourself and allow others, specifically the females, to workout in peace and not be badgered by people trying to get a date and have a workout interrupted. This is also considered a turn off by many to be interrupted during their workout.

The Self-Admirer

If you are one of these few that after a set or workout, you are seen constantly flexing and posing in the mirror only to admire yourself and your muscles, please understand that everyone else in the gym is thinking of you as a fool. Although you may potentially have a great physique, often times this is not the case and instead you are just making everyone think of you as stupid and too self-conscious. Keep the shirt on and mirror glances to a minimum.

The Equipment Hog

If you are in the gym and you are using a machine or two we understand. But to say you are super setting and you are occupying 3 or more stations or areas in the gym, you are an annoyance to others. This is even worse when someone wants to work in and use a machine you are using but you say you only have a few sets left and you’ll be done in a minute but in reality, you end up taking 45 minutes to finish 3 sets because you rest 10 minutes between whatever it is you are doing. This is annoying for others wanting to use a machine you are occupying so we can finish our workout.

The Never-Wears-Deodorant

annoying people in gym

This is one of the worst people to encounter in the gym. If you do not wear deodorant for whatever reasons you have, please make sure to at least wear in when you are exercising indoors. When you do not have deodorant, the stench to others is unbearable and can even lead many people to walk away from you and possibly end up skipping part of a workout to avoid such a horrific stench. Shower before the gym and wear deodorant. No, you don’t need to smell like a bouquet of flowers, but please don’t end up smelling of body odor that is unbearable to others the entire time.

The Stevie Six Pack

This last person is the worst on my list. This is usually a very young male who is in the single digit body fat ranges. This person is constantly seen staring into the mirror using his shirt to “wipe away sweat” from his forehead to expose his abs to the entire gym to see. This person also usually does this in a close proximity to females in which he finds attractive. The stupidity of this person, is not only does the female you are trying to show off too want to see your sweaty stomach muscles, but using your shirt to wipe off sweat from your forehead while looking in the mirror, completely blocks your view from the mirror so it prevents you from seeing your body parts you wish to “show off” and expose. Keep the shirt down men.

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