Thermopure | What Do You Need To Know?

Thermopure | What Do You Need To Know?

We’ve all been there, at the end of a long bulking season and eager to show off the vast amounts of muscle we gained in the off-season. Of course the best and most important step when trying to prioritize fat loss is consuming less calories followed by increasing your energy expenditure. But sometimes once we have both these aspects of our fitness and nutrition under control, it can still be difficult to progress once a fat loss plateau is hit.

This is when certain supplements can give us that extra edge to break past the plateau and reach our goal weight and desired body fat percentage. I am of course talking about fat burners. Thermopure is one of these fat burning supplements, so what do you need to know about it.

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Thermopure Review

Myprotein is trying to clear the image on fat burners, with their product Thermopure, with an informed recommended daily dosage and backed by research, Thermopure is one of the few fat burners that can be trusted to actually help burn fat. Like every supplement, you should be aware of each and every ingredient as well as whether it will be worth your money.

So without further ado, here is exactly what you will find in Thermopure and  how it will help you reach your fat loss goals:

Vitamin B6

This is a vitamin that probably wouldn’t normally be associated with fat loss. Also known as pyridoxine, B6 is a water soluble vitamin (meaning it’s almost impossible when eaten in excess to overdose) and part of the B complex. The reason why this vitamin is beneficial comes from its ability to convert glycogen to glucose, also known as glycolysis. Glycogen is the body’s way of storing excess energy which we do not burn off, and when our glycogen stores are full the excess glucose goes to fat storage. What this means for the user is a more efficient metabolism as well as more energy during workouts without the need for pre-workout carbs.

✓ Vitamin B12

Usually pared with B6, cobalamin is the second half of the metabolism boosting B vitamins. While B6 is used to convert glycogen to glucose, B12 is used to convert fats and protein to energy, in a process called gluconeogenesis. Since our fat loss diets are usually lower in carbs, B12 is arguably the more important ingredient for those on a high fat/protein diet.

Fats are commonly deemed to be the reason for the obesity epidemic because fats contain twice the caloric value of protein and carbs. But fat is a very important part of any diet (more in a caloric deficit because of its hormone regulating properties), the more efficiently we can metabolize fat the less of it we need for optimal health.

The same goes for protein as even a diet that is high in protein can cause fat gain if not in a deficit. Not to mention the more efficiently amino acids are absorbed the more likely you are to retain your hard earned muscle which can become very difficult when dieting.

✓ Chromium 

Usually in the form chromium picolinate, because without the picolinate, mineral absorption in the body would be much less efficient. This trace mineral doesn’t directly help you lose weight, but it does increase your insulin sensitivity as well as decreasing appetite. Being most useful for diabetics, it can have a positive effect on individuals without the disease as well. By decreasing appetite and cravings, a study of moderately overweight subjects lost almost twice as much weight when supplementing with chromium than a placebo group.

✓ Green Tea Extract

Probably the most well-known fat burner on this ingredient list, green tea has been used for thousands of years to keep us healthy. GTE contains things called polyphenols, categorized as catechins, and the most potent catechin is known as Epigallocatechin Gallate.

Confused yet? All you need to remember is EGCG, the abbreviated form of the potent catechin. This compound causes many reactions in our body. It has a thermogenic effect on the body (sound familiar?), which raises our body temperature, effectively helping us burn more calories and fat. But the benefits actually go beyond the fat burning effects, as EGCG is a very powerful antioxidant, which can help prevent degenerative diseases as well as painful inflammation caused by DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and injuries. The caffeine in green tea can also help burn fat directly and indirectly, by increasing your energy levels you can perform better in the gym and run those extra few miles to make all the difference (I will talk more about caffeine soon).

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This non-essential amino acid is very important in our body. By helping our body create hormones such as dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine, tyrosine can be very helpful for those dealing with a large amount of stress. Used clinically for depression, this protein is more important than most realize for indirect weight loss.

When we are in a calorie deficit and doing large amounts of cardio, our body believes we are in a stressful situation (also known as survival mode), and increases its production of cortisol (the stress hormone). For fat loss, we don’t want this as chronically high cortisol can lead to weight gain even in a calorie deficit and intense exercise. In comes tyrosine, which can help lower your cortisol, taking the stress off your body and removing the fat our body holds onto for survival. While increased cortisol is almost unavoidable when trying to lose weight, I will talk later about how to minimize it without any supplements.

✓ Caffeine 

This stimulatory compound has a very effective one-two punch combo for helping fat loss. Being the main supplement in most pre-workouts and energy drinks, caffeine will do wonders for your energy levels (as mentioned in GTE). By helping you fight fatigue it will indirectly help you burn more calories and can make fasted morning workouts much, much easier. But it doesn’t stop there, caffeine can also help suppress your appetite as well as cause a mild thermogenesis effect.

It’s important to control your intake of caffeine, and pay close attention to the amount and time you consume. Some can have a dose as low as 100 mg of caffeine (about a cup of coffee worth) and get jitters/headaches, so starting with a small amount to assess tolerance is critical to give you stable energy without the side effects of consuming too much. Timing is very important as well, as caffeine stays in the body for 10-12 hours and can prevent you for falling asleep. So if you are going to use caffeine, don’t take it late at night even if that’s when you work out. A good rule of thumb is to not consume caffeine after lunch.

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✓ L-Theanine

This amino acid is found exclusively in tea, and works very well with caffeine. Theanine and caffeine are the yin and yang of supplements, as caffeine is meant to perk you up, theanine is meant to relax you and take away the side effects of caffeine. Like tyrosine, theanine can help decrease the level of cortisol in our body, making it easier to sleep at night, lose fat and even boost cognitive function.

✓ Cayenne Powder

Derived from the cayenne peppers (who would’ve guessed?), cayenne can do wonders for increasing your metabolism and causing thermogenesis. Its main ingredient capsaicin, causes our bodies to heat up and sometimes sweat. And aside from its fat burning benefits, capsaicin can help individuals with arthritis, muscle spasms and migraines. When taken consistently, the capsaicin depletes the body’s nerve cells of a chemical called Substance P. This chemical controls pain in your nerves and when depleted will lessen joint pain as well as most other types of bodily pain when ingested. Only another benefit that makes cayenne powder worthwhile.

✓ Black Pepper Extract

Also known as bioperine, black pepper extract has a complicated effect on the body. Is it usually marketed as a fat loss tool, but to put it simply, bioperine doesn’t help you lose fat, it helps prevent the formation of new fat cells. This is good for individuals bulking and trying to gain as much muscle as possible while limiting fat gain, but isn’t very effective for fat loss. So you might be asking, why is black pepper in Thermopure? And don’t worry there is a very good reason.

Black pepper extract is best known for its ability to increase the absorption of certain nutrients. Most notably increasing the absorption of curcumin by 2000%, but also increasing the absorption (and effectiveness) of EGCG. So while black pepper extract doesn’t directly help burn fat, it does make one of the most important ingredients in this product more effective at causing thermogenesis and protecting our body from oxidative stress.

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How To Use Thermopure Effectively

One thing I will hit home till the day that I die is the importance of a calorie deficit for weight loss. Without it, no legal fat burner in existence will help you lose weight. You’ve probably heard before that fat burners don’t do the work for you, which is 100% accurate. That being said, I will give you a few tips to help make Thermopure as effective as possible for fat loss. Counting calories is almost a must as it is very easy to eat in a calorie surplus without knowing it. Unfortunately this does mean weighing out all your food and getting an app to make sure you’re in a deficit daily.

To help limit the amount of cortisol your body produces, never be in a deficit of more than 500 calories below your maintenance (basal metabolic rate). Anything more will cause your body to go into survival mode and hold onto fat stores. Another important way to prevent the rise of cortisol is limiting cardio.

For the first month (sometimes longer), it is possible to lose fat without adding in extra cardio and simply focusing on eating in that small deficit. Once your fat loss stalls then you can add cardio in one day at a time to make your deficit slightly bigger. The most effective and fast type of cardio to promote fat loss is HIIT (high intensity interval training), which alternates between bouts of high and low intensity, whether the cardio be on a treadmill, stairmaster, or row machine etc.

Using these tips to make dieting easier as well as a high quality fat burner like Thermopure will help you reach any goal you set your mind to!

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