Theacrine | An Emerging Supplement

Theacrine | An Emerging Supplement

Every once in a while, a new supplement hits the market and there’s a bunch of hype about it. However, some take a while to gain recognition. Theacrine is just that. Theacrine has been overlooked and has not yet been incorporated iton many products already on the market. There has not been a whole lot of research looking at the benefits of theacrine until recently and the data suggests that this may be a supplement to consider adding to your current supplement stack! Find out why theacrine is a supplement that could accelerate your performance and results!


What Is Theacrine?

Theacrine is a small alkaloid molecule which has a similar structure to a very well known stimulant, caffeine. The only difference in structure between caffeine and theacrine is an additional methyl group on the 9-carbon and an additional ketone group in the theacrine molecule. Theacrine is commonly found in camellia assamica variant kucha, which is where we get things like Kucha tea. There may be other possible major sources of theacrine, but there hasn’t been much research looking at other possible sources.

How Does Theacrine Work?

The way theacrine works is almost identical to the way caffeine works in our bodies. It appears to have a stimulatory effect similar to caffeine. Also, like caffeine, there seems to be a sedative effect at low doses (the dose normally consumed in Kucha Tea). This is why Kucha tea has been recommended for relaxation more than stimulation. However, like caffeine once again, when administered in higher doses the stimulation that theacrine provides is not something to shy away from. Theacrine’s potency is nearly twice that of caffeine on a dose comparison of similar purines (1). Meaning 150mg of theacrine may cause as much of a response as 300mg of caffeine.

Why Should I Take Theacrine?

Stimulants are a popular supplement consumed in various forms every day. Coffee, pre workouts, energy drinks, energy shots, and fat burners are some common and convenient ways people take in stimulants so often. The one stimulant that you will find in almost all of those is caffeine! Is that a bad thing? No, there is plenty of data showing the benefits of consuming caffeine in a healthy range. Awareness, thermogenesis, and performance are a few of the benefits that caffeine provides from its stimulatory effect (2,3). Caffeine poses one negative characteristic nonetheless.

Over time, data shows that caffeine slowly loses its effect (4). That’s why some people can consume coffee all day and some get so shaky from a few cups of coffee they can’t hold their drink steady. What if I told you that you could reap all the benefits of caffeine WITHOUT becoming tolerant to its effects? The answer is theacrine! In a 7 day study observing the stimulatory effects of theacrine, they observed no decline in its effects over the 7 day period (5).


Normally, caffeine’s effects would have had an observable decline. Another study compared the results of consuming caffeine by itself or when consuming caffeine and theacrine. The study’s collected data showed that when caffeine was taken with theacrine, people reported higher markers of attentiveness, alertness, focus, and energy (6)! Their data also suggested that Theacrine may not give you the hard crash that some experience from consuming Caffeine (6). If you were to consider taking theacrine instead of/or in conjunction with caffeine, it could be a game changer! You wouldn’t have to worry about becoming tolerant and you wouldn’t have to cycle off of it like some people normally have to do with caffeine.

Take Home Message

Of course, there are always going to be supplements on the market that promise more than what they might actually be able to do. Theacrine is still under research and on the rise in the supplement industry. If you’re finding yourself extremely caffeine tolerant, Theacrine might be something for you to consider using with, or instead of, caffeine. You can find theacrine on the ingredient label of Myprotein’s Mythermo and Mythermo Extreme. TheaCrine is the finest and purest form of theacrine and that’s what you’ll find in the Mythermo products!


Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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