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How To Perfect The Post Workout Shake

How To Perfect The Post Workout Shake

Post workout protein is a very important meal when it comes to growing your muscles and recovering fully from a tough workout. However, sometimes when you have a few sets left in your session and you are struggling sometimes you have to think about the delicious treat you are going to get after you are done. Some protein powder with water from the water fountain just doesn’t do it for you. So we need to create the perfect protein shake for you.

There are a few things that go into creating the perfect shake, it all comes down to your preferences and your goals. With this simple guide you should be able to find your perfect shake and even experiment with some new ideas that will at least change up your normal routine. I have also given examples of 3 of my favorite go to shakes in case you just want a simple shake that tastes great.

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Steps To The Perfect Post Workout Shake

? Step 1 – Pick your protein

The brand should be easy, go with the best one, Myprotein Impact Whey. The flavor is a hard choice however because there are so many great ones! White chocolate, chocolate brownie and salted caramel are three of my personal favorites.

? Step 2 – Pick a mixer

If you are cutting weight you may want to go with something that contains lower calories. My suggestion would be with either water or almond milk. You could also look at taking Myprotein Impact Whey Isolate, which contains fewer calories than Impact Whey.

If you are on the gain train then I would grab some 2% milk, heavy cream or even some ice cream to really up the calories and make your shake even more delicious. You also look at taking Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer to increase your calorie intake.

? Step 3 – What extras do you want

Fruits are my first choice in this section always. Bananas are great to pair with chocolate protein, blueberries work great with the less strong tasting powders and raspberries are another great choice. Fruits can be added and blended frozen so you then get a slushy texture and its extra cold. Fruit provides fast digesting carbs, which help to replenish glycogen levels straight after your workout.

Another extra is peanut butter. Firstly it tastes amazing and secondly it adds calories if that is your goal. Lastly if you are really trying to make this shake a meal, blend oats into it. This adds a large carbohydrate volume and is barely detectable if blended thoroughly. If you choose to use Myprotein Instant Oats then you won’t even need to blend them, just add them straight to your shake for added convenience and time saving!

? Step 4 – Decide how many calories you need and what macro-nutrients you wish to hit

You can mess with the amounts of each component when you understand what your goal is, whether you want to gain weight, lose weight, maintain weight or just recover. You can then decide if you want more fast digesting carbs (fruit), more protein or just additional calories by seeing how this shake fits into your daily calorie goals. Adding calories is easy, blend oats into the shake, add linseed, add additional peanut butter, add ice cream or use a higher calorie mixer like full fat milk. To cut calories use 1 scoop of protein only, mix with low calorie milk or water and limit the use of extras.

post workout shake

Protein Shake Recipes

Here are my 3 go to shake recipes for different stages of my lifting goals. Cutting requires less calories, gaining requires an overload of calories and sometimes you just need a boost of hydration:

? Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate – Gainer Shake

Add 8oz 2% milk – 122 calories
1 Banana – 105 calories
1oz Peanut butter – 168 calories
1 scoop chocolate brownie Impact Whey – 100 calories

? Blueberry Salted Caramel – Recovery Shake

Almond Milk – 8oz – 70 calories
Blueberries 1 cup – 84 calories
Salted Caramel Impact Whey – 100 calories

? Strawberry Slushy – Refresher Shake

1 cup frozen strawberries/mixed berries – 46 calories
8oz water
1 scoop Strawberry Impact Whey – 100 calories

post workout shake

Take Home Message

In reality a shake can be anything you want it to be. You just need to keep track of what calories and macros you want to consume so that your shake can help you achieve your goal as well as be delicious. The biggest mistake you can make is not measuring out your ingredients. First off you won’t know what you are consuming so you cannot adjust it to push towards your goals and secondly, you cannot recreate your favorite shakes if you are constantly changing their make-up.

My advice is buy some different flavors and get creative, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making shakes, but don’t settle for the boring water and powder combo all the time. Make your post workout treat something to look forward to or even do this as your casein shake before bed.

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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