Myprotein Quality Supplements | Our Recent Results

Myprotein Quality Supplements | Our Recent Results

How can we ensure that our products meet the highest standards possible?

To take away all doubt on the protein content of our products, read below the results obtained from an outside laboratory UKAS certificate. To explain how we became the number one online sports nutrition brand in the world: we buy all our whey from major suppliers, who have all the necessary certifications and history to pass our strict quality controls. All our products pass through strict procedures of internal and independent audits, to ensure the levels of protein we declare on the label is what’s on the inside of the bag.

Our verification methods include both independent laboratories’ certificate UKAS (ALS labs), stringent independent tests conducted by Trading Standards on everything that attest to our labels, and internal tests, which are conducted lot by lot, with each result being certified and approved by our team before putting the products on sale. All these tests achieved results well within our specified levels.

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We continuously strive to maintain the highest quality standards on our products, improving more and more access and transparency for all our customers. We have also invested heavily in new machinery and production facilities, and continue to do so, allowing us to improve our checks at every step of production, making us the most technologically advanced in Europe.

Impact Whey Protein Tiramisu, lot 77038:

  • Proteins (as is): 73.6%
  • Protein (on dry matter): 78.5%

Unflavored Impact Whey Isolate, lot 75603:

  • Proteins (as is): 85.9%
  • Protein (on dry matter): 91%

Unflavored Impact Whey Protein, lot 76849:

  • Proteins (as is): 77.0%
  • Protein (on dry matter): 81.9%

The results from independent UKAS certified laboratories are located here.

Labdoor Number 1

To complete the results obtained above, recently our best seller Impact Whey Isolate has been awarded as both best quality and value. Labdoor, America’s leading independent supplement tester, has rated our product as the best quality and value.

Why do we not disclose information about our suppliers?

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As we are the number one online sports nutrition supplier, we are proud of our range, and by revealing details about our suppliers not only makes emulation of our products by our competitors easy, but also by having supplier exclusivity we can keep our costs, therefore our sale prices, as low as possible for you.

What does this mean for you?

It simply means you are getting the best quality supplements at the best price. As a final word, here’s a couple of things we do regularly, and some projects we’re working on to improve our quality even further.


  • We carry out tests on our Near Infrared machine on each lot to ensure that the protein content is as stated on the label.
  • We are working on vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free certification for our entire range of products.
  • Labdoor and HFL certification to improve the visibility of our external verification methods and to increase customer confidence in our products.
  • You can watch the video showing our warehouse and production methods for our best-selling formulas.

We will always continue to work with our customers, who are at the heart of everything we do, to offer the highest quality products at the lowest possible price.

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