Impact Weight Gainer | Reformulated For Even Better Results

Impact Weight Gainer | Reformulated For Even Better Results

Putting on muscle mass sounds easy doesn’t it, but there is so much you need to consider before it’s possible. You need to think about your training of course, but your nutrition is equally, if not more important! When trying to put on size you need to make sure you’re consuming enough calories and from the right places. It can be a struggle to eat enough and this is where Impact Weight Gainer comes in. Let’s find out all about why this is the answer to anyone struggling to put on mass.

How To Gain Mass

The first thing to consider is how you gain mass. It can be broken down into these main points:

 1. Consume more calories than you use on a daily basis

2. Increase consumption of dietary fat

3. Lift heavy weights for fewer reps


Key Ingredients of Impact Weight Gainer

✓ 29 g of Protein

Protein is vital for muscle growth and repair. Consuming enough protein everyday is the only way your muscles are going to increase in strength and size. The general rule is to consume 1 g of protein for every lb of your bodyweight. So if you’re an 180 lbs male then you need to consume a minimum of 180 g of protein to put on muscle mass.

If you’re training hard everyday then you may even need to up your protein consumption to around 1.4 g per lb of your bodyweight. So this means a 180 lbs would need to consume 252 g of protein per day and this is where supplements can really help.

Eating this much protein from food sources is not just time consuming, but also expensive. Using a supplement such as Impact Weight Gainer is a very cost effective way of meeting your macros and putting on mass.

✓ 53 g of Carbohydrates 

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body. If you want to train hard and put on mass then you need to consume enough carbohydrates. If you want to put on mass then you need to be consuming 2 g of carbohydrates per lb of your bodyweight. This means our 180 lbs male would need to eat 360 g of carbs every single day.

The majority of these carbohydrates should come from food, but just 3 and a half scoops of Impact Weight Gainer can provide you with almost 15% of your daily carbohydrate goal.

The high carbohydrate content comes from oats, which are a great healthy source of carbs.

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Calorie Surplus

No matter how hard you work in the gym if you’re not in a calorie surplus then you’re never going to put on mass. You need to be consuming more calories then you use, and if you’re working out regularly then you’re going to be burning a lot of calories.

If you go to the gym and train hard, depending on your weight and strength, you can burn around 500-600 calories. When you take this in to consideration, it gives an indication of just how many calories you need to be consuming.

Impact Weight Gainer contains 378 Calories per serving, so one shake is a great way to consume enough calories to promote weight gain.

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Take Home Message

If you’re struggling to put on mass then you need to try Impact Weight Gainer. It can be consumed at any point during the day to make sure you’re meeting your macros. It’s time to start making some serious gains.



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